Why summer student employment helps Caledon

Caledon Community Service was invigorated by 10 super students this summer, writes Monty Laskin

Caledon just lost its sons and daughters. Just until their next visit though! Young adults from every village and hamlet, back for the summer, have now returned to their schools of choice, many in Ontario and further afield.

For Caledon Community Services (CCS) that meant saying goodbye to 10 post-secondary students who took on many projects over the summer and made great things happen in our organization. Fresh young energy and vitality had everyone moving faster around our shop! Our summer students brought talent, skill and creative ideas to CCS. Local young people ramped things up and delivered quality initiatives for our clients and community.

Caledon comes home for the summer from places as far away as Nova Scotia and Iowa. The job landscape is a big unknown. For many, a job is a real necessity to pay the bills in the months ahead. In years past it seemed like any job was the goal. But recently the tide has changed and here at CCS we couldn’t be happier.

CCS is committed to providing meaningful summer work that fits with the education our students are pursuing. This pays dividends for an organization such as ours. It also pays off handsomely in the business world. And let’s not forget that the not-for-profit sector needs to make a compelling case with young people who are choosing careers.

From Jobs Caledon to Evolve Stores, the Exchange, Health Services, Communications and Fundraising, every aspect of CCS benefited immensely from the bright young minds who tackled our challenges and achieved outcomes that were stellar. Your sons and daughters helped us meet community need! You grow ‘em mighty good here in Caledon!

Canada Summer Jobs has been our partner for a few years now; their program is making a profound difference in the future career paths of many Caledon graduates. CCS has also invested in recruitment every summer. We set requirements, circulate job descriptions, post high and low and go through resumes as a team. Interviewing is rigorous with a large panel; everything is carefully managed by our HR team.

Says Sandra Sciulli, human resource specialist, who works very closely with all applicants: “It’s intense but I’m thrilled to see the results. We work hard to ensure the right person in the right job, we always want to see a good fit between skills and interests and agency positions. We invest in their future and I love it. I live here, it’s what Caledon as a community is all about!”

Being able to provide summer work experiences that stokes the fires of eager minds generates a level of engagement with the work and creates incredible results. It benefits the student, the organization, the community.

All of this went on throughout July and August in CCS.  Ten exceptionally capable minds, each contributing to a team project or to a client or group or initiative that needed some help. Our summer students were a joy for our staff team and they are missed by us all. We’re waiting for the holiday season when they return to say hi and invariably pitch in on one thing or another. They help it all come together in the crunch.

Yep, all is going to be fine. If these local legends have anything to say about it, community work is alive and well with the leadership that’s emerging.

Monty Laskin is the CEO of Caledon Community Services. Reach him at media@ccs4u.org.



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