When life goes off schedule

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by Melanie Alderfer-Mowat

Ahhh, September.

It’s the sigh of relief, mainly from parents, as they look forward to getting “back on schedule”. There’s comfort in knowing that the return of school, after-school activities and scheduled sleep can flit away the days into months.

What happens, though, when life goes off schedule? Losing the comfort of what’s to happen next can be a challenge. It’s a startling reminder that some things do not get booked into our calendar.

Caledon Community Services (CCS) can help during those disquieting times, assisting you to regain a foothold against the barrage of stress and worry.

Lost a job or want to re-enter the workforce? Employment Services is a one-stop resource with workshops, one-on-one support and free access to a variety of tools that facilitate a successful search for employment. You may even learn that you want to start your own business and tap into the knowledge available via CCS’s Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre.

Found yourself in the “sandwich” generation, taking care of your children and your parents? Supportive Living Services is an instrumental array of services for seniors and those with disabilities. Respite caregivers can provide companionship to your loved ones in the comfort of their own homes. Community Assisted Living provides non-medical services to those seniors who want to live on their own as long as possible. Supportive Housing provides seniors with around-the-clock care in a safe and cosy environment. Transportation ensures seniors and those with disabilities are driven to needed medical appointments and social engagements.

Overwhelmed with life’s challenges and need someone to talk to? Counseling and Care Coordination is here to support Caledon individuals and families. Support and resources are provided to you to help with financial hardship, housing problems, family violence, parent/child conflicts and other circumstances that compromise your health and well-being.

We can’t always coordinate when challenges will happen. But rest assured that CCS can give you immediate access to our resources when life goes off schedule.

Please visit www.ccs4u.org for more information. And please take comfort in knowing that Caledon Community Services is here for you and for our community.

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