What happened to family time?

By Kim D’Eri

Do you ever wonder if we are setting up the next generation for success, no matter what the circumstances are? Everything is done like you are in a race. No time for the basics.

As soon as you get home, it’s “Mom, what’s for supper?” “Mom, when are we eating?” “Mom, we’ve got to go!” Normally, supper has to be on the table and eaten within 30 minutes. Before you know it. you’re out the door to either a sporting event or some evening activity. Somewhere during that lime, you’ve also helped the kids with their homework, folded a couple loads of laundry and did the dishes: never mind taken a phone call or two. sent some text messages and dispatched a few emails.

What has happened to our world in the last 40 years? Somehow, along the way, we’ve lost the basics of family time, i.e. grocery shopping together. preparing meals together and just sharing daily events.

Sure, life now teaches our children about lime management, multitasking and prioritizing, but it seems that in all this haste, the basic skills of life have gone by the wayside. Learning how to grow and maintain a garden, planning meals on a budget and the skill of preparing a healthy meal, do not seem to be on the next generation’s radar.

We at Caledon Community Services believe that it is important to teach basic life skills to our children. They need to know how to take care of themselves, no matter what their economic status is. We are bringing back “family time“. On a regular basis, we host workshops that engage families in activities such as cooking, gardening, planning meals on a budget and many more. It is a great evening and something is learned by all ages. Best of all. it is free!

So. when you are planning your hectic schedule for ihc week ahead, plan some good, old-fashioned family time, lime to spend with your children, teaching them basic life skills.

To learn more about our workshops go to ww w.ccs4u.org. Check out the event section of our local newspaper and/or sign-up to be on our Exchange e-blast distribution list. Keep an eye open for cooking classes in our brand new kitchen at the Exchange; it’s opening soon.

How Do You See It?

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