Velocity ride at Caledon Day will support local seniors

Riding in Velocity supports seniors’ independence and provides activities that help them live fuller, happier and more independent lives, writes Monty Laskin

by Monty Laskin, CEO Caledon Community Services

Get ready for a great new way to launch yourself and your family into Caledon Day on June 16, 2018. Caledon Community Services has partnered with Celebrate Caledon and added a cycling event to an incredible lineup of festivities for the whole family. CCS was planning a cycling event around the same time Caledon Parks and Recreation put out a call for proposals for “Cycle Caledon”. This is a match made in heaven! And the result — ‘Velocity’ — is a ride to support Caledon Seniors.

Ian Armstrong, an avid cyclist and Caledon Community Services (CCS’) board member, is leading a group of outstanding volunteers. Don Coats, owner of Caledon Hills Cycle in Inglewood; Wayne Noble, member of the cycling task force and the Caledon Day planning committee; and a dozen more hard-working lovers of Caledon who are planning the first Velocity.

Velocity attended the Bicycle Show recently; I was there with Wayne. Huge show, some of these riders take their riding very seriously! And Wayne? An impressive community builder. “I’m in a unique position sitting on Velocity, Caledon Day and a member of Caledon cycle task force. It allows me to have a hand in maximizing the goals of each group in a way that will benefit all our community. This is a fantastic partnership between the town and Caledon Community Services.” CCS couldn’t agree more.

Velocity offers 10 km, 25 km, 60 km and 100 km rides, your choice. Routes will connect communities across Caledon. Inglewood here we come! With ‘early to rise’ start times, all distances will conclude by 1p at town hall in the heart of Caledon East. Then a great lunch as part of your ride package and before you know it, the main Caledon Day activities get underway at 2p. Velocity invites all participants to stick around and enjoy the afternoon and evening activities on Caledon Day.

Last year’s Caledon Day launched the hugely successful Friday evening “Cheers”, featuring craft beers and ciders, many local. It was a massive success with double the attendance than expected. Velocity wants to mimic that success and hit a home run in its first year too. It supports Caledon’s seniors; it attracts newcomers to Caledon to enjoy the community’s beautiful roads and trails, and it brings more people together to celebrate the festivities of Caledon Day. Perfect.

Join in on June 16. Bring your bike and your family and friends, choose your distance and ride in support of Caledon’s seniors. Your peddling powers programs. Nice. Riding in Velocity supports seniors’ independence and provides activities that help them live fuller, happier and more independent lives in Caledon. Now that’s worth the ride!

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Monty Laskin is the CEO of Caledon Community Services. Reach him at

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