Velocity meets Mr. Ted Webb, Caledon’s icon of cycling, and seniors!

In the world of Caledon cycling, Mr. Ted Webb is an icon. And, he just happens to epitomize Velocity, writes Monty Laskin

by Monty Laskin/Caledon Community Services

What’s Velocity? Who’s Ted Webb? And what’s the connection?

Velocity, Caledon’s new bike ride, will raise funds to support Caledon’s seniors. It’s a partnership between Caledon Community Services (CCS) and Celebrate Caledon, our community’s marquee annual event. It will be a fantastic family-friendly ride that also has something for the most seasoned road warriors.

In the world of Caledon cycling, Mr. Ted Webb is an icon. And, he just happens to epitomize Velocity.

Ted has been a cyclist and mentor of younger cyclists for decades. His championing the sport is legendary. Mayor Hazel McCallion celebrated Ted’s gold medal winning performance at the National Seniors Games in Michigan. Mayor McCallion commended Ted, “not only on his perseverance and commitment to cycling but for the positive message he sends the community.” Ted was 61 years old then. The year was 1994.

Has the man slowed down?

Fast forward to 2018. Ted is 85 years young and cycles hundreds of kilometres weekly in cycling weather. And when the weather isn’t agreeable, you’ll find him in his famed “bicycle room” on a computerized stationery cycle, still at it. Nothing, not even knee replacement surgery, has stopped Ted.

Now rewind a bit. On a Caledon bike ride in the late 90s, Ted was cycling Terra Cotta. He found the location ideal for cycling and decided then and there to retire in that beautiful community. Ted and wife Joan Wong took possession of their Terra Cotta home in 1999. Today his home is identified by an artistic bicycle frame leaning up against a stone wall along the drive. Illuminated at night, it’s a beacon and encouragement for cyclists.

In 2016 Ted received a Distinguished Citizen Award from the Town of Caledon, largely for his tremendous contribution to cycling in Caledon and beyond. In 2005 he founded the largest Citizen Race in Canada right here in Caledon with a ‘no yellow-line rule,’ sanctioned by the Ontario Cycling Association and incorporating an Ontario Youth Cup Race and time trial. His cycling event shone a bright light on Caledon. It attracted some of the biggest names in cycling and participants from across North America and beyond.

Ted’s inspirational. He’s confirmed that he’ll be cycling Velocity’s 100 kilometre route on Caledon Day.

At his bequest I’m extending an invitation to partake in Velocity’s 10 km, 25 km, 60 km or 100 km route. How about it? By cycling or stepping up as a sponsor, you’ll help maintain services that support around-the-clock care for hundreds of seniors, 40,000 rides annually on CCS buses, and many health and wellness programs. Ted looks forward to seeing you at the start/finish line on Saturday, June 16. Join us both in biking one of four beautiful Caledon routes. Please visit to register yourself, a group of friends and/or your entire family for this fun and worthwhile Caledon Day event.

Monty Laskin is the CEO of Caledon Community Services. Reach him at


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