Transportation: Without it, a short drive is a world away

  • Caledon Citizen

by Fay Davy and Tracy Clifford

“Transportation is the center of the world! When it goes well, we don’t see it. When it goes wrong, it negatively colours our day, makes us feel angry and impotent and curtails our possibilities.” - Robin Chase. Founder and CEO of Buzzcar

With its rolling hills, sweeping conservation areas and warm communities, Caledon has much to offer its residents. However, despite these riches, this community lacks a vital public service that contributes immensely to the quality of life: Public Transit. And because not every Caledon resident is able to drive, or has access to a vehicle, there are hundreds who are unable to take advantage of opportunities only a short distance away.

Caledon Community Services (CCS) does a good job at filling this void and providing a resource for those in need of transportation. Caledon seniors and residents who are unable to drive because of short-term or long-term disabilities can use CCS’s Transportation Program to overcome obstacles, allowing all to enjoy the abundance in our community. The CCS Transportation Program is a lifeline for those using the service and also for their friends and families. CCS’ fleet of eight wheelchair buses, professional drivers and about a dozen committed volunteer drivers helps hundreds of Caledon residents every week live independently and enjoy their community’s resources and services by providing rides to medical appointments, grocery stores, social gatherings, etc.

As our community grows in size and diversity, the need for increased community transportation increases. Growth brings many challenges to the CCS Transportation Program and one of the greatest is the increase in ridership demand. We are fortunate that the Region of Peel and the Central West Local Health Integration Network are our partners in supporting Caledon’s special needs Transportation Program. Our professional and volunteer drivers personify CCS’­s vision of a healthy, engaged, compassionate community for all. We can’t emphasize enough how vital their role is in providing services to our growing client group. The recruitment of new CCS Transportation volunteer drivers is key to our success.

Community transportation may not lie at the forefront of concerns for most Caledon citizens until they face challenges. When opportunities are curtailed because of a lack of transportation, that’s when we want you to reach us! We will do all we can to support you and your loved ones. We are proud to provide 35,000+ rides annually that enable Caledon residents to live healthy and community-engaged lives.

How Do You See It?

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