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By Tracy Clifford

Tracy CliffordI grew up in Caledon. I left as a young adult and after having children, returning to enjoy the lifestyle that Caledon offers.

I am very fortunate. My father is still living independently, I am healthy and I have a support system that can help in times of need. I took all of this for granted until January 2012, when I started working at Caledon Community Services (CCS) in transportation. I quickly learned how truly lucky I am.

My first day, I rode as a passenger in one of CCS’s accessible buses to get an idea of the daily distances covered and the people CCS served. Early that morning, we started out in Bolton and after traveling throughout Caledon, back and forth down dirt roads, picking up and dropping off clients, we finished many hours later.

I really enjoyed spending the day on the bus and talking with the driver and the clients. I found the experience enlightening; it genuinely opened my eyes to the difficulties some people face every day. Independent living is not so straightforward for many of our neighbours and friends. I quickly realized how important CCS transportation is in a community that has absolutely no public transit system.

Over the course of that day more than a year ago, I met clients who had had hip/knee replacements and were attending physiotherapy, as well as young adults with disabilities attending day programs. I also met many seniors. They had numerous reasons why CCS transportation was such an essential part of their lives. These included no longer being able to drive due to health concerns, no family or friends nearby, not wanting to impose on anybody or not being able
to afford to maintain a vehicle. It didn’t take me long to appreciate that CCS transportation was a lifeline to independent living for hundreds of Caledon residents.

The best part of my work day is interacting with wonderful people and helping them live independently in my community. I am proud to work with generous volunteers, professional drivers and dedicated office staff who provide this essential service to hundreds of Caledon citizens. One year and more than 35,000 rides later and I know even more how truly lucky I am to have my independence and our community is to have CCS Transportation supporting Caledon.

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