Transitions – (OLD)

What is Transitions?

Transitions is a 24-week paid program dedicated to helping adults living with permanent physical, mental health or developmental disabilities find meaningful work and we also provide job coaching support to ensure long-term success.

  • Am I eligible for this program?

    1. Little or no labour force attachment

    2. Not receiving EI or on Reach Back (in the last 5 years)

    3. Self-identifies as having a permanent physical or mental disability that restricts his or her
    ability to perform daily activities

    4. Legally entitled to work in Canada

    5. Requires assistance to prepare for, obtain and maintain employment or self-employment

  • What does the placement consist of?

    – Phase 1 (the first twelve week period) will be part time employment, up to 22.5 hours per week.

    – Phase 2 (the second 12 week period) will be a full-time employment transition, up to 30 hours per week.

    The ultimate goal is to gain employment after the 24 week period. During external employment, you will receive onsite and regular coaching from the staff at Transitions, varying on your own needs.

Are you an Employer? Looking to hire?

The Transitions program partners with local employers to create employment solutions for job seekers and employers. We also provide the employer a wage subsidy for up to 24 weeks for hiring an adult living with permanent physical, mental health or developmental disability.

  • How would the Transitions program benefit my work place?.

    – Subsidy hours are negotiated with the intent of permanent  employment

    – $8.00 an hour subsidy based on agreement signed On site coaching provided to individuals during the first 24 weeks

    – Providing an inclusive and non-discriminatory work environment

  • Here are some facts on individuals with disabilities in the workplace.

    – The turn-over rate of employees with intellectual disabilities is not higher than other employees performing similar jobs

    – Statics have shown that 90% were rated as average or above in performance of job duties

    – People with disabilities work just as hard and take less time off than their fellow employees

For more information, please contact us with your name and phone number.

Maureen Tymkow, Manager, Transitions                                                               (905) 584-2300 ext. 216

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