Transit is important to a mother

Kevin Travers, Board Treasurer, Caledon Community Services


I recently had a particularly interesting conversation with a Caledon resident, let’s call her Sandy. She informed me how vital accessible transportation was to her elderly mom who also lives in Caledon. She explained how her mom uses CCS’ accessible buses to get to seniors’ group events weekly in addition to many standing medical appointments. Sandy’s mom is currently going through chemotherapy and CCS makes sure she gets to and fro for each of her appointments. These rides, as well as the ones to leisure activities, make an enormous difference in her mom’s life. They also make a difference in Sandy’s life; I never underestimate the importance of supporting caregivers! CCS transportation services are a godsend for Sandy and her mom. Sandy has only one family vehicle and without the CCS rides, her mom would be housebound seven days a week. Sandy’s story is not uncommon, CCS hears often how much of a lifeline our transportation program is for hundreds of people in Caledon. Truly, Sandy and her mom are not unlike so many in our community who need support.

If you can’t get around in Caledon you’re in trouble. I encourage our community’s leaders to do something now. I appreciate the Master Transportation Plan is being developed by the Town of Caledon, it’s been in the works for a few years and one day will be a solid blueprint for Caledon transportation services. In the meantime, I see the immense challenges here and now in the lives of seniors and people with disabilities when they can’t get around. I volunteer for an organization that provides services. We don’t like waiting for solutions when our most vulnerable residents are in some trouble today and there is every reason to respond now. Planning and preparing is good. But while we’re waiting, I believe it’s worthwhile to support our most vulnerable community residents now. That’s what Caledon is all about.


Printed on Thursday, April 18, 2019

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