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By Monty Laskin CEO/Caledon Community Services

Monty Laskin - CEO CCS“Thank you”. It’s used a lot but probably not nearly enough by most of us. And while there’s never a bad time to say thank-you, there are particularly good times to say it.

At the end of a few critically important outreach campaigns within Caledon Community Services, now is a particularly good time to say thank you. If you’re a fan of building a healthy, engaged compassionate community for all (which just happens to be CCS’ vision), now is a very good time to say thank-you.

So many of you supported Caledon Community Services’ annual Gala and Santa Fund campaigns. You raised over $200,000! That’s no small feat for a community. What your support will do in the year ahead is also tremendous. The impact that your donations will have is enormous. This deserves a thank you.

With your support we will be heating homes whose hydro is being threatened with termination. Some of us were brand new to that experience over the recent ice storm. We get it! This deserves a thank you.

With your support we will be providing healthy and nutritious produce and vegetables out of the new Exchange. This new community hub is now open and already offering an exciting curriculum of classes in a beautiful kitchen. And there’s so much more on the way in a facility that is welcoming, full of energy and being embraced by many new Caledon residents discovering ways to get involved and enjoy new activities. This deserves a thank-you.

With your support we will be subsidizing tuitions for college and university. Young people are pursuing their dreams through the community’s support. They work hard, they receive the embrace of Caledon’s resources and they succeed through the opportunities provided by your donations. This deserves a thank you.

The Exchange is now able to extend its resources to our sister agencies in Caledon who will provide their services out of this new community hub. The recent Exchange Lounge event, CCS’ annual November gala, was a huge success and brought aboard new and we hope enduring support for innovative community work. This deserves a thank you.

A new Specialist Clinic has just opened its doors in Caledon. In partnership with Headwaters Health Care Centre and the Central West LHIN, Caledon Community Services is now able to arrange for new health services to be provided right here in our community. Gone is the long drive to Brampton, Orangeville or Newmarket. Clinic services were launched this month and we expect them to increase in breadth in the year ahead. This deserves a thank you.

Thank you is an expression of gratitude. It conveys an appreciation that without your help, this would not have happened. It suggests that what you have done is appreciated and valued. Thank you says, “Because of your time, investment and generosity, there are good things taking hold in this community”.

Yes, January is a particularly good time to say thank-you to the Caledon community. Thank you is due to hundreds of volunteers who gave their time over the holiday season and who continue to pursue community building throughout the year. Thank you is due to Caledon’s small and large businesses and service clubs that provided corporate sponsorships, multi-year commitments and products and services for the new Exchange. Caledon is now blessed with this beautiful resource for years to come. Thank you is due to the four levels of government and the United Way of Peel Region for their hard work as partners in providing direction, resources and support for CCS’ community work. And thank you is due to Caledon residents who stepped up with extraordinarily generous donations that allow for service excellence in the year ahead, not just in CCS but in so many other community agencies.

All of these things deserve a thank you. They also deserve a commitment from CCS of constant and unrelenting efforts to do more with these gifts from those who step up because they wish to build a healthy, engaged compassionate community for all.

CCS thanks each and every one of you unreservedly and abundantly! And we commit to stepping up our efforts. Our commitments will soon be laid out within a new strategic plan for 2014 – 2017. This plan, our map for the coming few years, is emerging through feedback from hundreds of returned surveys from our supporters and stakeholders. Stay tuned for the release of CCS’ strategic plan at its Annual General Meeting in June.

We thank the Caledon community for knowing exactly what’s needed in Caledon and doing exactly what’s required to make sure it happens in the year ahead. We’re on it. Thanks to you.

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