The Workplace in 2019 – What Employers Need

What does it take to be successful in the workplace? Are there specific qualities or traits that make one employee stand out from another? What are the key employability skills that employers are looking for?

Our research has turned up some great information that can help answer these questions, and we thought we would share it for two reasons. One, because we like to share insights with the business community; two, because we would like to know what the Caledon employer community thinks and needs.

Employability skills can be defined as the skills, attitudes and behaviours that people need to enter, stay in and progress in the world of work. Whether you work independently or in a team, these skills are essential to success. The Conference Board of Canada has categorized these into three main categories with corresponding skills for each.

In reviewing this list, consider what your workforce needs. Understanding your needs will allow you to foster development in important skills that are critical for your business’s success. You should also incorporate these needs into your job postings and interview questions, to ensure you are hiring the right fit.

At jobs Caledon, our work in the community is in support of both employers and employees, and we would like to hear from you. Knowing what your workforce needs will inform our future program development, growth and planning.  Reach us at

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