Summer Student Series Part 1: Spotlight on Lindsay Annis

by Cassandra Briscoe, CCS Volunteer

(This 6-part series explores the day in a life of summer students working with CCS. A new feature will appear here each month.)

Lindsay Annis spent her summer working at the Exchange as a Junior Community Animator. Her main duties included planning community events, working with partners and setting up workshops for the public.

The 19 year old student attends Western University where she is busy earning a double major in History and English with a certificate in German.

Lindsay plans to be a teacher and is specifically interested in teaching high school or being a professor. She believes working at the Exchange over the summer has prepared her for a future in the field.

“One of my jobs was to help organize school field trips and host cooking classes. I really enjoyed these, as it helped prepare me for the work I would do as a teacher. I planned lessons and had to lead the classes which are the types of experiences I would have daily,” she said.

Lindsay believes CCS has prepared her in more ways than just running a class. “My favourite part was working with the different volunteers that come in to help throughout the week. I really enjoyed the company of all the wonderful people at CCS and without the summer student program I probably would not have had the opportunity to meet them,” Lindsay said.

The program also taught Lindsay more about event planning then she previously knew.

“Sometimes plans don’t always work out and in those situations you have to work quickly under pressure to reorganize your day,” she said.

Lindsay believes that this skill alone will be very helpful to her as a teacher as sometimes you will have a lesson plan complete and have to change or adjust it entirely.

She also enjoyed working at CCS because it gave her the opportunity to contribute back to the community she has lived in for so long while experiencing valuable lessons that she will hold onto for her hopeful future as a teacher.

Thanks for spending your summer with us Lindsay! Stay tuned for part 2 of our summer student series.

The Exchange is Caledon’s Community Hub. A place for residents to learn, create, connect, volunteer and partner. To learn more about the Exchange, workshops and more, visit 55 Healey Rd. Bolton or

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