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By Kay MacDuffee/Country Roads

It’s true. The antidote for depression really is noble deeds and hot baths. I did a trial run the other day and it worked.

Perhaps though we should clarify ‘depression’. When we’re doing trials it’s important to be clear on terms. I am not talking clinical depression here; it’s more a squirmy feeling of anxiety, worry and the sense that you simply want the world to go away and get off your shoulders.

This is not an uncommon feeling in today’s anxious world. And it describes fairly well my emotional temperature a few days ago. I wasn’t bouncing off walls but I was disturbed. I wanted my old happy-go-lucky self back. I decided to test my theory.

First the ‘noble deed’. Now I must admit that what I did was not terrifically ‘noble’ in the sense of facing down danger and saving someone’s life. It was not dramatic. I would describe it more as compassionate, but it did take time and planning. While I was involved in this planning and creating I was totally immersed in someone else and their demons. I didn’t once think of my own. I swear.

That went well, I thought. Now for the bath.

We’ve had this conversation before regarding long, hot, deep baths, braced with Epsom salts, lavender oil, and fluffy bath pillows. Nothing can touch it for instant, no-cost relaxation, in my opinion. The muscles and the mind are helpless in its grip. Eyes closed, inhaling lavender. There goes the world . . . sliding off my shoulders.

I take it to the limit at times and actually nod off. That’s where the bath pillow fits in.

Out of the tub, wrapped in a bath towel I consider my condition. I am squeaky clean, warm, muscles relaxed, and in receipt of a full dose of magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts) which, according to the label, soothes body, mind and soul, with a long list of benefits. “Magnesium ions relax and reduce irritability by lowering the effects of adrenaline”, and as well, “helps to produce the mood-elevating chemical, serotonin, thereby creating a feeling of calm and relaxation”.

This Wheee! I just had a therapy session. Hydrotherapy.

The bathtub is also my muse and it’s where I muse. When the mind is relaxed it can go to sleep and intuition takes over. Creativity reigns. So while I was letting mind and muscles relax, some things occurred to me.

We are spiritual beings here having a human experience, not the other way around. Our souls are here on planet Earth to attend ‘school’. The curriculum has been developed to teach us ‘lessons’ and behind each of these life-lessons is a loving, divine intelligence demonstrating that we are love, that all is love, and that when we tap into this we are all One with the Divine.

This is the gift that we are here to receive, and nothing happens to us that is not sent to help us to learn this, and to receive that gift. Chew on that for a moment; it’s a big pill to swallow.

All things come to us to increase our trust in this love; they are not set against our best interests but meant to help us to realize them. They prepare us to transcend who we have been. And when we do, and we remember who we really are, we have reached enlightenment. And we live in pure joy.

So there. I was able to shift my mind from worry, doom and gloom to an aspect of appreciation.

When we let our minds feed on these dark thoughts, we are connecting to the collective consciousness of those who have forgotten who they are, radiating fear and anxiety. It instantly closes the door to the solutions we seek.

Look at the world today to see the demonstration. Worry, anxiety, and judgment do not produce a society of love and peace. Don’t go there. Grab your fear or distress before it multiplies. Do not feed into that consciousness of dysfunction.

Rather, go find a noble deed that needs doing. Contact The Exchange https://ccs4u.org/the-exchange/ (289-966-1715) if you cannot think of one. They will welcome you warmly and supply you with golden opportunities to love.

Then fill up the tub, dump in a cup or two of magnesium sulfate, lie back and let your imagination go in search of things to appreciate, beginning of course with that bathtub of clear, pure, hot water.

Mmmmm. You’ve got the world on a string . . . way better than on your shoulders.

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