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Connect your love of shopping with love for your community. At EVOLVE CLOTHING and EVOLVE LIFESTYLE gently used clothing and household items get re-loved and reprocessed back into the community. All proceeds and profits made from each store are 100% recycled into CCS programs.

What is Evolve Lifestyle?

Have you ever had things around the house, or in the garage that you no longer had a use for? Well one man’s useless item is another man’s treasured one. At Evolve Lifestyle we sell household items, tools and antiques for lower prices and reprocess all monies made back into the community via CCS programs.

What is Evolve Clothing?

At Evolve clothing we accept pre-loved clothing, and recirculate it back into the community for low prices. We believe that vintage stylish, affordable clothing is the clothing you will get the best wear from. All profits are given back to the community through funding all of CCS’ programs.

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Other Services

The Exchange

A place for all community members to gather in a safe environment, have access to a fresh food support program and attend various workshops and programs based on sustainability (planting) and new skills.

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Health Services

Are you searching for more information about incorporating health and wellness into your life? If so, you can join us at our Caledon Specialist clinic via transportation or explore our counselling and seniors programs.

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Employment Services

Our Employment services are built on various programs dedicated to assisting individuals with finding jobs and having the resources to succeed on the journey to employment.

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