About Fay Davy

I feel very fortunate to have lived in a rural community for most of my life, enjoying fresh air, open spaces and local wildlife. Knowing my neighbors and lending a helping hand has given me great satisfaction and a strong sense of community. There is no doubt that this is the lifestyle I want to enjoy for the rest of my life.

However, rural living isn’t without its challenges: depending on others to get places being a main complaint. I know that I could hardly wait to get my driver license for the independence and sense of freedom it would give me. I immediately loved being behind the wheel of my first car, a Volkswagen Beetle. Who knew driving would become a passion for me?

A passion shared for 10 years now with Caledon Community Services. During these 10 years, I have had the opportunity to have worked with amazing community volunteers and an outstanding transportation team. I have had the privilege of providing affordable, reliable and safe transportation to the residents of Caledon. I have also been fortunate to meet clients just like me along the way who want to live a healthy and
engaging life in a community they love. They too know where their heart is.

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