Peel farmers ask council for more money

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Caledon Community Services, Peel farmers ask council for more money

CCS wants to improve its communication, while Peel Federation of Agriculture says it’s facing growing costs

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By Matthew Strader

Two well-known non-profit groups have asked for grants from Caledon’s draft 2015 budget.

Caledon Community Services has asked for help with its communication while the Peel Federation of Agriculture says it is facing growing costs.

A number of CCS staff were at council last week to ask for a $10,000 grant to support its communication efforts.

Fiona Coughlin, who handles fundraising, management of the organization’s two retail stores and communications, said it would like the added monies, which would be in addition to funding Caledon already provided, to expand its reach in the community.

She said, “It happens a lot across our agency, we hear, ‘I didn’t know you were here’.”

Coughlin put an emphasis on getting the message out in western Caledon. CCS is headquartered in Bolton and operates satellite services throughout the town, but Coughlin said these outreach services were often not well known.

According to CCS’s financial statements, in 2014 the organization received $81,024 from the Town of Caledon. It spent $42,036 on communications and $41,446 on advertising and promotion that year.

Randy McLeod, president of the PFA, was also at council last wee to ask for an increase in the annual amount granted to the PFA from $3,500 to $5,000. He cited postage and a need for increased meeting spaces among the cost pressures.

McLeod also alluded to some extra work for his organization in 2015 as it will pay close attention to the GTA West highway project, which is proposed to run through southern Caledon.

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