Memories to be “treasured” in Caledon

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FionaWhen I was young, my family visited from Ireland and my mum excitedly took them to tour the beautiful countryside we called home.

I distinctly recall that one of the highlights of my childhood was visiting thrift shops and antique shops in Stratford and alongside Shakespeare, looking for treasures. Now that Caledon is my new home throughout my work week, I am equally excited about the treasure-hunting opportunities in this community as well. Actually, Caledon makes my childhood shopping appear tame because there’s a chest full of treasures to be found here.

It was recently my turn to take mum around all the shops in my new stomping grounds and I did so with pride, checking out Caledon’s new “Treasure Tour”. This is a collaborative effort of 19 Caledon businesses in support of our community’s thrift shops, consignment boutiques, antique dealers and auction houses. Caledon Community
Services created a beautifully-designed map/brochure featuring locations of our friends in the re-sale community. You can find your own copy of the map at Chez Thrift (301 Queen St. South, Bolton) or The ReUstore (109 Industrial Rd. Bolton).

Treasure touring is a fun pastime, but did you know it is also a way to support the community and protect the environment? When shopping in a resale business, you support local small business. If the store is affiliated with a charity like CCS, you also help fund community services. It’s hard to believe that something as small as a $3 shirt can benefit anyone but the buyer. But when I shop at Chez Thrift, my dollars are making a difference.

Many of the treasures in my home now remind me of family near and far. The 1950s Coke billboard from my grandfather’s Man Cave is proudly displayed in my basement along with other treasures I have found while thrift hunting in Caledon. The Blue Willow platter from my grandmother’s china cabinet is now displayed alongside mixed and matched pieces from all over Caledon.

I love this area and I believe Caledon can easily become a fantastic destination community for thrift, consignment, charity and eco-shopping. I know many new family memories will be made as relatives drive the hills of Caledon on our new Treasure Tour. I also believe mutual support of small businesses in Caledon will allow all of us to thrive.

So grab a map and take the tour!

Memories to be “Treasured” in Caledon” by Fiona Coughlin Ott A Healthy, Engaged Compassionate Community for All Employment · Business Services · Transportation Seniors Supportive Housing · Transitional Care · Respite Care · Eco-Stores Crisis and Counselling · Language Instruction · Voluntarism Youth Services · Food Bank · Santa Fund ·  Children’s Bursaries | 905-584-2300

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