Local brand expert creates new identity for CCS retail

by C. Jarvie, CCS Communications Team

For over 25 years, branding expert Simon Burn has helped businesses across the globe build their brands. His passion now centers on small businesses close to home with Soup Du Jour and others in Caledon benefiting from his talent and cheeky British wit!

It’s his creativity and fresh approach that led CCS to Simon. We asked for help in re-inventing Chez Thrift into Evolve Clothing. “What CCS is doing is really exciting,” says Simon. “They’re launching a unique local shopping experience.”

Evolve is set to open in April 2017. Until the highly anticipated grand opening, donations of clothing and accessories are being accepted at CCS’ other thriving store, The ReUstore at 109 Industrial Road, Bolton.

Evolve Clothing will push the limits of expectations. We are promising an edgy attitude mixed with colour, style and fun. We want to offer what retail lovers expect to find in urban centers. We will stand out!

“I’m a huge believer that conformity is boring and playing it safe is a terrible attitude to possess,” says Simon. “You need to rock the status quo. Assert integrity of purpose and be true to yourself. CCS wants to pursue excellence and innovation on this project so I am all in.”

It’s a destination. CCS hopes to expand the number of shoppers and donors to ensure Evolve remains a viable part of Caledon’s retail landscape, as it has been since 1982. The new location is 100 meters from our sister store, The ReUstore, which is being rebranded to Evolve Lifestyle. Simon is applying the same bold approach to its new look. Evolve will bring new possibilities and opportunities to Caledon especially for youth.

“Evolve makes sense on multiple levels,” says Simon. “It’s environmentally responsible and proceeds go right back into our community.”

CCS’ stores help provide programs and services for the Caledon community. Store operations contribute to our vision of a, “Healthy, Engaged Compassionate Community for All.”

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