Kidz in Caledon Benefits Local Family

Caledon Community Services’ Kidz in Caledon program provides great assistance to families all across the Caledon community. Jodi is one of many parents that benefit from the program to help her as a mother raising two young sons.

Jodi has been calling Caledon home since the age of 4. While she considers Caledon a great place to live and raise a family, CCS has helped Jodi along the way. “I have been using CCS since they opened in the courtyard. I started looking for employment opportunities with Jobs Caledon and saw all the other branches of help they had to offer,” she said.

With two sons under 10 years old, Jodi tries to provide them opportunities to learn, meet new friends, and develop passions. However, this can be very difficult and out of reach. Kidz in Caledon helps make this possible.

Her oldest son recently developed a passion for music. While at the Exchange (located on Healey Road, Bolton) with his mother, her son noticed a keyboard in the lounge area. He began to play a couple notes and really loved the sound of it. With the encouraging words and cheerful attitude of CCS Care Coordinator Lori Pirroncello, her son decided he would love to play music. Unfortunately, music lessons and instruments can be very expensive. Luckily, we have Kidz in Caledon to help.

Jodi and Lori sat down and were able to set up music lessons for her son. He is now learning to play the guitar and has a real passion for playing. Jodi has seen a positive change in her son since he started his guitar lessons. “It helps him get out and gives him a nice summer routine. He gets to interact with peers and other members of the community while doing something that he loves.”

While Kidz in Caledon has really helped Jodi as a mother, she has also benefitted from other services CCS offers. The food pantry, Santa Fund gift program, cooking classes, job workshops, and the printers and fax machines available to the community have all helped Jodi at one point or another.

“The workers are all so encouraging. Lori has motivated me in so many ways. She has sat down with me in numerous meetings wondering how she can help me as an individual and as a mother.” Jodi appreciates Lori and all the work she does. “It’s a good feeling to know someone has your back.”

Jodi remembers times in the past where she didn’t have milk in the fridge and didn’t know what to do. She now encourages friends and family to utilize the services CCS has to offer and reassures them not to be embarrassed or ashamed. “It’s okay to ask for help, CCS is there for a reason and it changed my life as well as my kids’ lives.”

“CCS really is a great service for the community, it has been my rock for the last couple years and gives my kids better opportunities for a bright future,” Jodi comments.

If you are someone who is interested in the Kidz for Caledon program – to donate or read all it has to offer – please visit and share your story so others can benefit too!

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