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Monty Laskin - CEO CCSDear Editor,

Re: Election debates in Caledon Civic discourse on the challenges of any community, and how all levels of government can address them, is truly what makes an election a thrilling thing.

No riding is ever in the bag; political candidates earn our respect and trust through their grasp of our community’s issues, their smarts and of course, their determination to move problems toward solutions. If you like what you hear in the course of a campaign, and you believe in their ability to get it done, they’ll likely secure your vote.

Health and social services in Caledon touch virtually every single individual and family in a myriad of ways. Whether it’s the health care you need, the poverty you see around you or the job you’re determined to land, our provincial government has clout.

The way each political party plays the hand it is dealt once it assumes office goes a long way in determining whether your health care is responsive, levels of poverty in Caledon decrease and/or you land that job because it is actually available and on the market.

On Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Caledon East Community Complex, Caledon Community Services and Fair Share for Peel are hosting an all candidates debate. Caledon residents will hear Lori Holloway, Sylvia Jones and Rob Strang share their views on health and social services in our community. Please join us. The three candidates will reply to some pre-circulated questions, respond to one another’s party platforms and also take questions from assembled Caledon residents.

Monty Laskin, Executive Director Caledon Community Services

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