Jobs Caledon: Not just another pretty employment centre

With an array of coaching services, Jobs Caledon helped this job seeker return to confidence, writes Monty Laskin

OPINION Monty Laskin is the CEO of Caledon Community Services. Reach him at
Imagine celebrating your 10th anniversary at the job of your dreams! In March of this year that’s exactly what Michelle Lanoue Williams will be doing at Sandals Resorts, in her position in the unique vacations division.That’s the Sandals Resort of the TV commercials, the one boasting about dream vacations. The road to arrive at this career milestone wasn’t easy for Michelle. She worked for several months with Maureen, a Jobs Caledon employment specialist in the Caledon Community Services (CCS) main office. Michelle registered as a supportive services client and the journey to the beach began!Michelle credits the one-on-one job coaching she received through CCS’ Jobs Caledon at a very difficult time in her life with achieving the Sandals Resort outcome. She stresses that at CCS, “you are not just a number, there is a really personal touch for everyone and that made a huge difference for me.” Michelle considers herself an ambassador for the benefits Jobs Caledon delivers. “I wear this badge of honour proudly. Jobs Caledon gave me a whole new lease on my professional life.”

After five years of working with a company, Michelle found herself out of work. Through the diligence of Jobs Caledon’s hands-on personal approach, she discovered that the company she left was not providing a reference she could use to move her to the next step in her career. It was a personal blow as well as a professional blow to her career plans.

This didn’t faze her Jobs Caledon job coach. Nothing ever does with these job hunters! Together, Maureen and Michelle developed a job search plan that included the development of a functional resume to replace her outdated one. Michelle also received an array of coaching services. Jobs Caledon helped her return to confidence, and the plan included strengthening networking skills and interview preparation. For Michelle, it all worked out beautifully.

The piece de resistance, the most important part of this story. Michelle landed a coveted role at Sandals, one of the best-known award-winning hospitality companies worldwide. And yes, her role does involve some travel among the seven countries in which they operate — Antiqua, Bahamas, Granada, Barbados, St. Lucia, Turks and Caicos and Jamaica. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

Michelle’s job coach, Maureen Tymkow, is currently the manager of Transitions, a new program helping adults with disabilities find meaningful employment. She’s turned her talents on to this specialized field. Maureen and the rest of the Jobs Caledon team can be reached at 905-584-2300 or Visit

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