Job postings that work at Jobs Caledon

By Cathy Perennec McLean, Director of Employment and Development

Writing a job posting is just like writing
any advertisement.
You need to know your target audience
and reach them in language they
There’s nothing worse than writing
an ad for a position you need to fill,
posting it and getting limited response
or even worse, receiving too many applications
from people who are not the
right fit.
An effective job ad is more than a
job description. It is a carefully crafted
message aimed at attracting the best
qualified candidates.
For many applicants, it will also be
their first introduction to your organization.
It’s competitive out there, so consider
these tips on creating effective job postings.

• Use a catchy job title and make sure
that it has both the industry and common
name for the position. Job ads that
use industry standard titles are more
likely to be seen by candidates.
• Introduce candidates to your company
culture. Candidates want to know if
you share their values. Organizational
culture is increasingly important for
job seekers when assessing whether
they are a good fit for your company.
Why do people enjoy working at your
• Highlight key selling points to showcase
the best things about the role.
What is a benefit that your ideal candidate
would care about? What’s in it
for them?
• Be specific about the role and include
essential information in the job summary.
Then provide information on work
hours, location, pay, benefits or perks,
and anything else applicants will find
interesting. It should make your ideal
candidate think “yes, this is me!”
• Candidates want to know what they’ll
do day-to-day. Being specific about core
duties and tasks. This helps candidates
to work out whether they should apply
for the role or not.
• Distinguish “Must Haves” from “Niceto-Haves”
and list what skills and experience
a candidate would need to succeed
in the role.
• Be concise. Trim unnecessary words
to make your job ad punchy but meaningful.
• Spell out the application process.
CCS’ Jobs Caledon Employment Services
offers a basket of fantastic programs
available right here in your community.
Employers can post job vacancies in
the online job bank free of charge and
professional staff can support recruitment
efforts through job matching and
placement services.
There are grants and financial incentives
to offset costs of hiring and training
If you have a job to fill now or in the
future, contact Jobs Caledon at 18 King
St. East in Bolton, check out
employment, email us at jobdev@ccs4u.
org or call 905-584-2300.
You don’t need to leave your community
for a connection to the labour
market! It’s all right h

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