Jessica gets a 2nd chance through Kidz in Caledon

Your donations to Kidz in Caledon helps children like Jessica, writes Monty Laskin

by Monty Laskin/Caledon Community Services

Children and youth in Caledon need our help. The numbers are growing every year.

Far too many kids in this community live below the poverty line although I appreciate they’re not always easy to see. These kids are the ones you smile at daily when you pick up your child at school. They go home to empty cupboards, little in the fridge and few if any extracurricular activities. When you’re serving your child an afternoon snack before soccer practice, these kids can actually hear their stomachs growl.

Caledon kids need your help to access nutritious food, education supports and recreational services that ensure their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Your generosity helps them receive the support they need to thrive.

When Jessica’s mother brought her to Caledon Community Services’ counselling program and began to use its food support program, Jessica was not doing well at school. She was tentative in life. She needed help.

Her mom’s comments are telling: “When I got to the Exchange, I had lost hope … I was scared for Jessica, her deep unhappiness and lethargy were disturbing.

“I lost my home, my husband and my health. We were struggling. My other two children, Mark and Ella, seemed to be doing better. With Jessica, the bright light had disappeared from her eyes.”

CCS’ counselling coordinators provided the family with care, a plan and healthy, nutritional food. And hope. With hope back in the picture, everything is possible.

“Now Jessica is different. Our first visit in the Exchange was the first time in months I had seen a ghost of a smile. Now there’s even greater change! She plays with me and other children.”

Your donations to Kidz in Caledon helps children like Jessica.

CCS’ commitment to children and youth took a sharp turn upwards about eight years ago when we launched LIFE for Youth. Every year since then, we’ve increased our programming. A growing community always presents with growing needs of children and youth. The Town of Caledon knows this only too well, it is also stepping up its initiatives. The recent Mayor’s Youth Summit is a great example of that. Our community’s kids need and deserve our attention. CCS focuses on providing the all-important basic needs of food, home heat, good clothing, education and recreation supports and employment training. Kidz in Caledon does all this and more. It also pays for summer camp registration for almost 100 kids every year! Our youth employment training is beautiful to watch. Teens blossom under close mentoring and the training of local employers. Invariably there’s always a few graduates who return for summer work in CCS, wanting to give back because of the profound impact that Kidz in Caledon had on their young lives. This campaign makes a difference!

Kidz is Caledon is in full swing now. You may have received a letter from us and if not, there’s an opportunity to donate through the Kidz in Caledon website, or by calling 905-951-2300 ext. 236. Please come aboard this campaign and make a huge difference in the lives of Caledon kids today.

Monty Laskin is the CEO of Caledon Community Services. Reach him at

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