It’s all about Community. And that’s all about voluntarism.

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Monty Laskin - CEO CCSWhen you think about this community, a few things come to mind immediately. Its blessings are apparent: Caledon has beautiful and expansive hiking trails; unique characteristics of each of its hamlets; vibrant faith groups and service clubs; magnificent green spaces; close proximity to the big city while retaining a small town feel; an abundance of community events; the simple but friendly greetings of neighbors in the grocery store and at soccer and hockey games.

But what really sets Caledon apart as one of the most special places in the galaxy is the way it comes together to address its challenges. Not unlike other communities, there are things that need to be done. Caledon is growing, its demographics are shifting, the world around it is complicated and oftentimes harrowing. So there’s things that need to be done in response to challenging situations. If it was easy, it would all have been done already, right? But it isn’t easy and the challenges within Caledon seem insurmountable at times. But that’s what makes this community exceptional, a standout amongst standouts, a brilliant shining star next to all of the other community stars.

Caledon Community Services is often confronted with challenges. Hunger, homelessness, tragic accidents, unemployment, loneliness. However, this organization is a beacon of hopefulness, optimism and a can-do spirit.

So how do you reconcile this seeming paradox where a shop that often deals in challenges and hardship is constantly upbeat, positive and on the go? In a word: Volunteers.

There are more than 550 officially registered volunteers in CCS. Young and old and older, individuals and families, these are people who take community very seriously. They want to make a difference. They want to do something meaningful about community challenges. They care deeply about their neighbors. And they give their precious time and resources so that Caledon remains a shining star in the galaxy.

This month, we are holding our annual volunteer recognition event. It is one of my most favorite CCS events. I get to have time with hundreds of our Organization’s best friends and strongest supporters and always come away feeling like there’s nothing that CCS can’t do with this kind of community army behind it. More accurately, the army is in front of it, providing leadership and direction and injecting the horsepower required to keep Caledon the brilliant, shining star that it is.

Submitted by Monty Laskin
Chief Executive Officer, Caledon Community Services

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