Husky donating couches, chairs, desks, hutches and more to Caledon Community Services

Donation will change landscape for Caledon service provider


Executives at Husky nonchalantly, and modestly, say it was a no-brainer to call Caledon Community Services (CCS).

The phone call, CCS CEO Monty Laskin said, will change the landscape of an important revenue generator for the service provider and open it up to a whole new group of people, possibly for years to come.

Husky is not a typical employment centre. The manufacturer has approximately 1,400 associates in its massive complex hidden behind the trees of south Bolton. And within that complex, they have much more than just desks and chairs.

“It’s all across the campus that we have meeting areas, informal areas, reception areas, so all of those have couches, chairs, buffets, hutches, there’s a lot of furniture we maintain,” said Husky vice president of corporate services Michael McKendry. “It’s not an industrial feel that we maintain.”


  • Blow out furniture and art sale happening at Caledon’s Evolve stores thanks to Husky

Husky’s director of global facilities Robert Meeks said Husky was originally designed to have a home feeling. “And we still maintain that, we’ve just updated a lot of items over the years.”

So, the company needed to find something to do with the furniture they had. Gently used, it is all in like-new shape, and they knew there was another life it could have.

“We’ve always had a really good relationship with CCS that goes back 13 to 14 years I think,” McKendry said. “We immediately thought of them as a great way to give back to the community.

Laskin said the word, donation, might be a bit underrated with this one.

“What was first described as ‘some furniture’ was an extravaganza of a donation like our organization has never seen before,” he said.

Nobody had an exact inventory list on hand, but the best guesses were 35 to 40 armchairs, 25 to 30 upholstered couches, as well as accent tables, hutches, buffets, lamps, accent pieces and countless pieces of artwork.



Husky’s vice president of corporate services Michael McKendry, Caledon Community Services director of community resources Michelle Veinot, Husky’s director of global facilities Robert Meeks, facility planner Mark Jensen and CCS manager of retail operations Catherine Adair and CEO Monty Laskin, with a small portion of a unique donation Husky just gifted the Caledon charity and service provider with. – Matthew Strader Metroland



“For Husky to do this, helps our organization on a number of fronts,” Laskin said. “The sales will generate new buses, home heating, food support for clients, good healthy nutritious food, but more so it will also allow that segment of Caledon that doesn’t yet know about Evolve lifestyle and clothing to drop in and see what’s available there.”

One of the important revenue generators for CCS is their clothing and lifestyle store on Industrial Road. They launched Evolve as a way to create a retail outlet with impact and a consistent customer base of all ages. And they’ve seen that in the customer retention they experience, Laskin said.

Now, with the amount of furniture they will be able to market and retail, even outside of what they use to assist clients in need, will broaden that market into areas they hadn’t yet considered.

“Husky has just afforded us a chance to reach out to a much broader segment of Caledon that we’ve not yet reached,” Laskin said. “I can’t say enough about how important that is for our organization. Both of the stores are revenue generators where 100 per cent of the revenues stays within this community, and purchases community services.”

And the hope is for some ripple in the pond effects as well. Laskin said he absolutely hopes the donation inspires other medium and large size businesses to consider this a good way to turn over furniture and inventory they want to replace and turn assets into community services.

Also, his staff noted, they could use some donated movers or trucks to help with the logistics of getting all this stuff to their retail location.

But for now, everyone is celebrating the impact Husky has had on the largest service provider in Caledon.

“This is a windfall of gorgeous stuff we will be able to offer for unbelievable prices,” Laskin said. “It’s such a win.”

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