Hire Right!


by Cathy Perennec McLean

Your business is only as good as the people you have working in it. So it is worth it, to spend time improving your hiring and onboarding process, and on retention strategies to prevent you from losing great people to your competitors.
• Be the employer of choice. To compete and attract the best, you should have and be able to communicate a strong brand (vision, mission, values), competitive compensation and good benefits.
• Have a great job description. When you create your job description, make sure you’re describing the most successful individual in the role. Focus on the necessary soft skills not just listing job qualifications.
• Filter your prospective candidates by standardizing your hiring process. Review resumes and conduct pre-screening phone interviews. A structured interview allows for standardized questions, so that you can compare your applicants, apples to apples.
• Check references to verify credentials, skills and experience.
• Once hired, make onboarding new employees a priority. Plan for them (forms and space), welcome them to the team and ensure they have an enthusiastic partner/mentor to guide them in their first weeks.
• Ensure your retention strategies include ongoing coaching and feedback, training and appreciation.

Costs associated with turnover include training, departure costs, disruption to productivity and the expense of hiring new people. These costs can add up to a significant amount of money, some sources say about 40% of an employee’s salary. With this high price tag for replacing exiting employees, it’s critical that businesses do everything in their power to hire right and retain their staff. CCS’ Jobs Caledon Employment Services offers a basket of fantastic programs available right here in your community. At no cost, you can post job vacancies in our online job bank. Our staff can support your recruitment efforts through our job matching and placement services. You can also access training grants and financial incentives to offset your costs of hiring and training staff. If you have a role to fill now, or in the future, and believe in investing in your community, contact Jobs Caledon Employment Services. You can visit us at 18 King St. E. in Bolton, or check out our website, email us at jobdev@ccs4u.org or call 905.584.2300 today.

You don’t need to leave your community for a connection to the labour market! It’s all right here at Caledon Community Services.

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