Give until it hurts? Nonsense. Give what you can this season

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By Monty Laskin

Volunteers man the CCS Santa Fund warehouse.Give until it hurts. That mantra has always seemed a bit off centre. If you give until it hurts, you’re not as likely to give again.

Giving over the holiday season is a choice. And it is quite possible to avoid that choice if it causes pain. So rather than appeal to you with a quirky but obviously catchy phrase, I’m going to share some stories that I hope will help you choose to give.

CCS is very involved these days in the Exchange, which is the centre of our Santa Fund this year. We’re working closely with many other Caledon agencies that also offer a range of important services in our community. I asked my Exchange partner agencies how to lay out the case for giving and they offered great advice: Focus upon the Caledon that all of the agencies see every single day. So here are four faces of that Caledon. Nothing fancy, just the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. (I have, however, changed names and other identifying details.)

David: The single father

David is a single father with a history of alcoholism that is being conquered one day at a time. Whereas his son’s infant years were characterized by an absent parent with little to no direction, David is now a doting daddy, working and caring for his son. He sought support of community services. The results are impressive.

Maureen: The lonely widow

Maureen is a widow who has lived alone for 22 years. Her children live far from her. They visit as often as they can. She talks a lot about her grandchildren, each one is more special than the next. Her closest friend these days is her cat, they are inseparable. After a bit of cajoling, she has started to attend some community-based activities. She’s made new friends and recently joined a bridge club. The results are impressive.

Tina: The up-and-comer

Tina is in her early 20s. She has been living alone since her mother died and her father moved away for work. He is very supportive of her, calls daily and helps with rent. She has begun a new college program and also started to volunteer at two community agencies. She has made new friends and is close to a family whose children she babysits. Tina is pointing herself in the right direction. The results are impressive.

The Govanis: The downsized family

The Govani family is as tight a crew as you’ll find. Mr. Govani lost his job after his workplace downsized its staff. His pay from part-time jobs is 40 per cent less than it was. He is now enrolled in a re-training program. Ms. Govani has found an entry level job that she’s enjoying. Their children are maintaining their school and university plans. They’ve worked closely with three different Caledon agencies in the past year. The results are impressive.

Each of these stories is real. Each is our neighbour.

The Caledon Santa Fund is in full swing now. We are not asking everyone to give until it hurts but to give because you’ve made a choice that it’s what you want to do. At this time of the year we need gifts for our community’s children and donations so that homes have heat, healthy food and opportunities to secure support. Please choose to give.

To donate: Go to or call 905-584-2300, ext. 236. Thank you for considering our community’s stories and for choosing to give.

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