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By Robyn Wilkinson

At some point during a busy day and between meals, you may be compelled to say, “I’m starving”.

With money in hand, or a snack tucked away in a desk drawer, your hunger pains will quickly subside.

That isn’t the case for thousands of Canadians who lack the means to stock their shelves and worry about how they are going to feed themselves and their families. Whether or not they can afford to provide a healthy meal for their children becomes second thought to how am I going to put anything on the table?

May 6 is 10 is Hunger Awareness Week, a campaign to bring awareness to communities about those who simply can’t afford to eat – an invisible problem some people may not even realize is happening in their own backyard.

Here in Caledon, it’s hard to think of anyone going without food, but it’s one of the very reasons Caledon Community Services with the help of community partners is creating The Exchange on Healey Road. The facility will be so much more than a foodbank for local residents, but a place for all members of the community to come together and learn about how to make a difference while getting the food they need to survive.

The 4,000 square foot hub will be a far cry from the closet at Caledon Community Services, which was jam-packed, and overflowing with food donations that go to feed local residents every week.

You can get involved with spreading awareness by participating in Food Banks Canada’s “Give it Up for Hunger” campaign to support Canadians in need who don’t have the choice of “giving it up” because they are forced to go without food and other nourishment on a regular basis.

The campaign encourages those interested in creating change to challenge yourself to Give it Up by giving something up for the week like your lunch or a regular staple. You are also encouraged to Give a Shout by sharing your experiences through social media like Twitter, Facebook or blogging. And lastly, Give it Out by donating food, funds or your time to a local food bank.

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