CCS partners with federal, provincial, regional and municipal funders, the United Way of Greater Toronto and the Ontario Trillium Foundation to meet the needs of Caledon and neighbouring communities. We are also proud to be members of the Ontario Public Transit Association and the Ontario Community Support Association.


Caledon Community Service programs are made possible through government and private sector funding as well as through the generosity of thousands of community supporters.

The staff and volunteers of CCS work closely with all levels of government and with various Foundations. Many of these partnerships have been in place since CCS’ inception more than 45 years ago. We are also fortunate to have recently developed new relationships with federal/provincial ministries and regional/municipal program departments that are allocating new funding to the Caledon community in light of emerging priorities and shifting demographics. No program or service provided by CCS is 100% funded from any level of government.

Our funders provide the support that enables sound strategic planning. They work alongside us in the delivery of our services and have an important voice in defining targets for our programs that ensure accountability, accessibility and effectiveness. We are grateful for the continued support they provide.

We presently have key relationships with eight different funders. Each of them invests in the sustainability of different CCS services. Then we have thousands of relationships with other investors. These are the individuals, families and business owners who show their faith in our organization by sharing their good fortune. This support helps us launch innovations or sustain value-added components within existing services.

Citizen participation is the backbone of our fundraising within Caledon and surrounding communities. We understand that the best way to ensure a vibrant and dynamic community is to develop a groundswell of community support that leaves no stone unturned in meeting the growing health and social service needs of all Caledon and neighbouring residents.

Annual Reports and Audited Financials

Funding Agreements

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