• Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre

    Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre

    Where is the Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre?

    The Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre is located at the Caledon Community Services main office at 18 King Street East in the upper level of the Royal Courtyards in Bolton, Ontario. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 4:30pm with Monday and Wednesdays open until 8:00pm. For more information, contact us at sbec@ccs4u.org or (905) 584-2300 ext. 216.

    Do I have to register my business name?

    A sole proprietorship is not required to be registered if the business is carried on under the owner’s name. If the business uses a name other than the owner’s or adds Company or other words, the Business Names Act requires that you register the business name before you start using it.

    How do I register my business name?

    Click here to register the name of your business.

    Who registers for Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and how do I go about it?

    You have to register for and charge HST if you sell or provide taxable goods or services in your commercial activities in Canada; and your total taxable revenues (before expenses) were more than $30,000 within a four month period. Although, it is not necessary to register for HST if your business does not have gross annual revenue exceeding $30,000, you may register voluntarily. For more information contact Canada Revenue Agency or visit www.cra.gc.ca.

    How do I find out about zoning by-law restrictions for my business location?

    Zoning by-laws outline what is legal within a city or municipality or regional district. Zoning by-laws restrict what can happen in each zone with such things as type of activity, size of building, how close the building can be to the street, parking, the number of employees, amount of traffic and size/type of outdoor sign. Without zoning permission there is risk that the business will be shut down. For more information about zoning permission, contact the Town of Caledon.

    What is a Business Plan and why do I need one?

    A Business Plan is a tool for understanding how your business is put together. Careful planning is one of the most vital parts of any successful small business. (Link to Business plan section).

    Can you recommend a good Lawyer, Accountant or other Small Business Professionals?

    Yes! The Caledon Small Business Enterprise Centre offers a free half-hourconsultation with qualified business professionals through our extensive referral program. Please contact us at sbec@ccs4u.org or (905) 584-2300 ext. 216 to discuss your needs

  • Counselling & Care Coordination

    Counselling and Care Coordination

    What if I just need to talk to someone?

    We are available Monday to Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm for counselling and support either by appointment or over the phone.

    Does it cost anything to use your service?

    No, all of our services are supported through funding from various levels of government, the United Way of Peel Region and the generous investments of Caledon residents and businesses.

    How do I apply for Ontario Works (social assistance)?

    Just call the Region of Peel office at (905) 793-9200 and an application can be made over the phone.

    How do I access the food support program within the Exchange?

    Simply call us for an appointment.

    What do I need to bring with me?

    Bring proof of Caledon residency and proof of your income and expenses.

    My son needs counselling… I am homeless… my landlord is evicting me…I need new glasses and can’t afford them…Is there any help with recreation programs for my children…I want to go back to school but don’t know where to start…My husband is abusing me…I feel like giving up…I need to apply for a disability pension…My kids need clothes for school…I just moved and can’t afford any furnishings for my apartment…How can I get help with my income tax…My heating bill is overdue and I can’t afford to pay it…Who do I call for legal advice… I don’t know where to turn…

    Please call us when you don’t know where to turn. Our knowledgeable staff will help support you during a difficult time or point you in the right direction to get the help you need.

  • Employment


    Who can use the Jobs Caledon Employment Resource Centre?

    Anyone can use our facilities. Our main location in Bolton with satellite locations located at the Caledon East Library and Margaret Dunn (Valleywood) Library make it convenient to visit us anywhere in the Town of Caledon.

    How do I access the Centre?

    Visit us at the Bolton Employment Resource Centre Monday through Friday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm (open until 7:00 pm on Wednesdays). Please click here for times and locations of our three satellite locations in Bolton, Caledon East and Valleywood.

    Do you find people jobs?

    We are not a placement agency so we do not recruit employees for business. However, local employers post employment opportunities in our job binders. Our purpose is to provide guidance and resources to help you find work.

    Can you help with my EI claim?

    Local Service Canada offices can process your EI claims and give you accurate information regarding their policies. Jobs Caledon focuses on assisting people finding employment and does not deal with Employment Insurance.

    Will you prepare a resume for me?

    Jobs Caledon provides two enjoyable and informative workshops every other week covering the Do’s and Don’ts of resume writing. We will provide you with additional resources to create your own resume (templates, examples, cover letter books, etc.). Guided by a qualified Employment Facilitator, you create a resume that you can send with confidence!

    Why does Jobs Caledon need to know when I get a job?

    We want to celebrate your success! With your Jobs Caledon experience, we can learn to modify our program to create more successes with future clients.

    Why should I come into the Resource Centre at least once a week?

    Jobs Caledon receives new job postings on a regular basis. We also have a variety of special events throughout the year such as job fairs, guest speakers etc. that you don’t want to miss!

    Why is it important to follow-up with an employer?

    Generally, once you have sent out your resume by fax, email or in person, you should follow-up with a phone call to ensure it was received by the correct person. This phone call will show that you are very interested in a position with that company and possibly give you a greater chance of an interview. Our workshop, Tap Into the Hidden Job Market, has other useful tips to use while you are seeking employment.

  • New to Canada

    New to Canada?


    What is LINC?

    LINC, Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada, is a language-training program funded by the Government of Canada through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). Its purpose is to provide free language instruction in one of Canada’s official languages to adult immigrants so that they may acquire the necessary language skills to integrate into Canadian society.

    Who is eligible for LINC?

    The LINC program is free of charge if you are an adult immigrant, 18 years of age and over, and are a Landed Immigrant, Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee.

    How do I register for classes?

    To register for classes, you must first complete a language assessment. To book your language assessment, contact the CCS LINC Supervisor at (905) 584-2300 ext. 257. This confirms your eligibility and determines your current language proficiency. After the assessment, you will be placed into classes, if space allows, or placed onto the CCS LINC waiting list.

    I have a child but want to take classes, what do I do?

    LINC classes at CCS offer free childcare services for children aged 18 months to 4 years old.

    I want to take classes but don’t have transportation, what do I do?

    LINC classes at CCS offer free transportation services to eligible clients.

    When are classes held?

    Free LINC Levels 1 to 7 are offered during the day:
    Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

    * Class times are subject to change.

    Please contact the CCS LINC Supervisor at (905) 584-2300 ext. 257 for the most up-to-date class times.

    When can I start classes?

    Upon completion of your language assessment you will be placed into classes, if space allows, or placed onto the CCS waiting list. When a class space opens up you will be contacted by staff in the LINC program for placement into the appropriate class.

    I am a Canadian Citizen but want to learn English, what do I do?

    If you are a Canadian Citizen but would like to learn English please contact CCS at (905) 584-2300 ext. 257 to find out about other language programs at CCS and in Caledon.

  • Stores


    What are the hours of operation?

    Monday – Friday:  9:00AM – 6:00PM
    Saturday: 9:00AM – 5:00PM
    Sunday: Closed

    The ReUstore

    Tuesday to Saturday 8:30-4:30

    What kind of things do you accept?

    Evolve accepts clean and resalable clothing, footwear and accessories.

    The ReUstore accepts reusable furniture, working appliances and electronics, household and sporting goods, reusable building materials, toys and books.
    Unfortunately neither store accepts computers and their peripherals or mattresses. These can be left at the curb on your collection day.

    For more information on donating to Evolve or the The ReUstore, visit the Donations page.

    Do you accept things on consignment?

    No. All items are donated to the stores. All donations made to the Stores Program help fund important community programs and services.

    What are your auctions and when do they close?

    The ReUstore closes their auction every 2 weeks at 10am. The most precious “finds” are auctioned. The treasures are phenomenal! Visit the Auctions page for closing dates.

  • Supportive Living

    Assisted Living

    How do I get on the waitlist for housing and how long does it take?

    CCS does not provide housing services. All applications for funding are done through Peel Living. Please contact Peel Living.

    What if I require additional supports to remain independent in my home?

    CCS has a partnership with Peel Living to provide assisted living services to eligible seniors at six Peel Living Seniors Buildings across Caledon. All referrals for this service is done through the CCAC. If you live in any of the Peel Seniors Buildings across Caledon, in the Bolton community or in the Caledon East community, assisted living services may be available. To request an assessment, please contact CW CCAC.

    What is Assisted Living?

    Assisted Living is a program that supports seniors to live independently in their own home. A team of Personal Support Workers assist with activities of daily living and personal care.

    Respite Care

    What is Respite Care?

    Respite Care is in-home assistance or relief for people who provide care for a family member or friend who is elderly or disabled.

    What is the role of the Respite Worker?

    The Respite Worker provides companionship and assistance with normal daily tasks. The role of the Respite Worker is not to provide nursing care or homemaking services.

    Who needs Respite Care?

    Those who require respite care are; people who provide constant care or are responsible for daily monitoring of a frail senior or a disabled person, or individuals who require assistance themselves in the absence of a family member or friend.

    How does the program work?

    The caregiver calls the Respite Care Manager with a request for respite care. The Manager has a registry of people who are able to provide caregiver relief. The Manager will introduce the Respite Worker to the client and family, who then decides whether to employ the person. The caregivers pay the workers directly.

    In some cases the worker helps out for a few hours and it is a short-term agreement, but in other circumstances, the arrangement goes on for years with little need for intervention by CCS.

    What qualifications do the Respite Workers have?

    CCS screens the Respite Workers through a police check and by speaking with references. CCS also arranges training for CPR, first aid, methods of assisting people with mobility problems, and working with seniors.

    What is the cost for Respite Care?

    The fee is set by CCS at $12.00 per hour, with a minimum of 3 hours required. CCS is not involved in the exchange of money for respite services. The client or family pays the Respite Worker directly.

    There is also an administration fee for screening the Respite Workers and matching the worker to the client.

    Transitional Care Centre

    Who can access the Transitional Care Centre (TCC)?

    The Transitional Care Centre is accessible to seniors residing within the Municipality of Caledon, Dufferin, Etobicoke and the rest of the Peel Region who are in need of short-stay respite services. The TCC was developed to meet the needs of persons who have completed their acute care phase in hospital and are in need of more intensive PSW/Respite support services before returning home.

    Is there a fee connected with the TCC?

    Clients will be required to pay a fee of $25/day; however, financial assistance may be arranged for low income clients and families.

    Clients will be offered the opportunity to participate in community-based Adult Day Programming (if appropriate). Transportation for outings i.e. doctor appointments, day programs, shopping, etc. can be provided through CCS’ Transportation Program at an additional charge to the client.

    How long can I stay at the TCC?

    Clients can stay at the TCC for up to 30 days.

    Is the TCC co-ed?

    The Transitional Care Centre consists of a semi-private bedroom. Although both men and women are accepted into the TCC, we will only accept the same gender at any given time.

    How do I make a referral to the TCC?

    You can contact the TCC Manager to begin a referral process at (905) 584-2300 ext. 663. The Manager will then go out to the hospital or potential client’s home to conduct an assessment in order to determine if the Transitional Care Centre is a suitable care setting at this time.

  • Training
    Coming soon!
  • Transportation


    Who is eligible for the transportation program?

    All Caledon seniors

    Caledon residents unable to drive because of a short or long-term medical disability
    (Clients may be asked to provide a Physician’s Note)

    Ontario Works clients
    (Essential social services rides arranged by Ontario Works Program)

    People who require dialysis or are experiencing mobility issues

    Transhelp clients

    York Region and WheelTrans transfer ridersAll Caledon seniors

    Caledon residents unable to drive because of a short or long-term medical disability
    (Clients may be asked to provide a Physician’s Note)

    Ontario Works clients
    (Essential social services rides arranged by Ontario Works Program)

    People who require dialysis or are experiencing mobility issues

    Transhelp clients

    York Region and WheelTrans transfer riders

    Where does CCS Transportation go?

    CCS provides rides to Dialysis, Medical appointments, Therapy, Seniors and Alzheimer’s Day Programs, Community Living Day Programs, Scheduled Shopping Trips, Caledon Seniors Centre Programs, Meals On Wheels Congregate Dining Programs, Ontario Works appointments, Social Service appointments, Crisis Rides and more.

    What are the hours of service?

    Rides occur Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Wednesday and Thursday have extended hours in the evening and are 6:00 am to 9:00 pm. There are also rides on Sunday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. The Transportation office hours are Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.

    How does the payment system work and how do I pay?

    CCS Transportation service users are required to pre-pay for rides. Payments for the pre-paid service can be made by personal cheque, credit card, or by debit or Interac at either two of the CCS eco-thrift stores or at our home office.

    How much does a ride cost?

    Rides vary from $3.50 to $30.00 one way depending on the destination the trip.

    How do I book a ride?

    Call the CCS transportation office at (905) 584-2300 ext. 217 or ext. 218, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Ride requests must be received a minimum of two full working days before the ride is required. Rides can be booked to a maximum of seven days in advance.

    What if I cancel a ride? Will I be charged?

    Cancellations must be made by 2:00 p.m. the working day before the scheduled ride or you will be charged.

    Can I bring someone with me during my ride?

    There is no charge for an escort who must be there to assist you with translation, vision or mobility needs. Companions who accompany you on your trip pay the regular fee.

    Will I be advised of my exact pick up time and driver before my ride occurs?

    It is your responsibility to confirm your ride by calling the office the day before, between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. as the pickup time may change with the volume of rides received.

  • Volunteer


    How do I get started volunteering?

    Our website gives you a great idea of the multiple programs that we are looking to place volunteers in.  Under the volunteer tab, look at our volunteer opportunities. Not all of our positions are open. Fill out the application form.


    What types of volunteer positions are available?

    Volunteers take on many tasks including processing donations at CCS stores, providing rides for those in need, working on special events, administration assistance, senior health and wellness programs and much, much more! Look at our current postings.


    Do I need previous experience in the program/service I wish to volunteer in?

    In our volunteer position descriptions, we list what qualifications that you will need to be successful. When we meet we work on finding a position that you can share your skills and interests so that you can grow your own talents. All you need is enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn. We will provide appropriate training as needed.

  • Hosting Events

    Hosting a Fundraiser

    Have an event idea but need help pulling it together?

    Please contact our fundraising department to discuss what you are planning to do. They will be able to offer some advice and guide you in the right direction.

    Can you mail our event information out to your donors?

    Unfortunately, CCS cannot mail event information out to our existing donors.

    Can you find sponsors for our event?

    CCS can work with you to help brainstorm about appropriate sponsors for your event but we cannot approach corporations for you.

    Can you get media to come out to our event?

    We can provide advice how to contact the media but you will need to contact them directly yourself.

    Can you forward some money to me to cover my event expenses?

    CCS cannot make up front payments to cover your event expenses.

    What do I have to give back to Caledon Community Services?

    We try to ensure that a minimum of three times our expenses are returned in revenue or a ratio of 3:1 (If the expense is $100.00 we expect to raise a minimum of $300.00). It is our expectation that all Community Event organizers will uphold this as a minimum standard as well when raising funds on our behalf.

    Can I issue tax receipts for my event?

    CCS is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is also important to protecting our charitable status. If you intend on offering tax receipts, this must be approved by a CCS representative.

    Can we have your logo to put on our event material?

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements. The Caledon Community
    Services logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used without our permission.

    Will CCS provide a letter of support?

    With CCS approval, you may consider using our logo on your event material however it must always have the words “in support of” preceding it. You can let your event supporter know that CCS has approved the usage of their logo on your material. CCS will not provide an additional letter of support. Recipients could potentially already be supporters of CCS and this letter may mislead them in thinking that we are approaching them again and are ungrateful of their previous donation. It is essential that donors are clear when they are being approached by a community supporter that they are not acting as agents of CCS however are acting as supporters.

    I would like to fundraise in my workplace. How do I get started?

    Workplace fundraising is a positive, rewarding and fun way to motivate and further engage employees in an organization. Through workplace fundraising, your organization will help CCS “Help People Help Themselve”, and will provide your fellow employees with an enriching experience. Please contact for some guidance.

    How are you going to recognize me for hosting an event? What is in it for me?

    CCS recognizes groups hosting events in a variety of different ways including thank you letters, certificates, and recognition on our donor hall at certain levels. Many of our groups feel a great sense of satisfaction when they see their event come to life and are able to raise funds to help support their own community.

    We appreciate your generous support.

    Thank you


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