Faith in community — leaving no family behind in Caledon

In Matthew 7:7, Jesus says, “Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened for you.” Father Larry Leger, Holy Family Church priest and Caledon Community Services’ board member, explains that this isn’t a cosmic genie request and fulfilment scenario. “There’s a condition. What is asked for must, in God’ estimation, be a good thing.” Santa Fund is a good thing and Santa Fund needs you!

At this time of year, Caledon’s generosity, definitely a very good thing, lights up the darkness brilliantly. Sometimes the light shines even before it’s turned on. How good is that? I’m not a biblical scholar nor a theologian by any means. But I do know a thing or two about goodness. I see it daily in this community.

I have the good fortune of watching great things materialize and then blossom in Caledon. It’s the stuff that inspires, the stuff that motivates, the stuff that turns hope into despair. It’s always about having the right team involved. Caledon is the team and it’s the right one at this time of year.

Full disclosure: An organization that counts on community support to make good things happen smiles when the outpouring of goodness is in overdrive. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever. Caledon wears the label well.

Recently I received an invitation to attend Caledon’s Ecumenical Group and talk about CCS’ shared agenda with faith communities. “Faith in Action” was hatched and is now being executed. Caledon’s 30-plus faith communities are all hearing about holiday need and responding in their own unique ways.

When there’s people on the outside looking in, small faces pressed against the glass so to speak, Caledon won’t tolerate that. It steps up. You step up.

Notes Charissa Yavtucovich of LifePoint Church: “Let’s stand together as a community to bring change, hope and unity throughout Caledon.”

Father Larry, priest at Holy Family Church: “When one member of the community hurts, we all hurt.”

Rev. Don Byers, Christ Church Bolton: “We’re committed to ensuring the dignity of all people and equally committed to working toward that.”

Rev. Emma Pipes, minister at Knox United in Caledon Village: “We are living our faith by giving what we can to those who deserve the same comforts many have.”

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