Evolve Clothing 5 minute Shopping Spree

Evolution of a Shopping Spree

Just Sayin’ Caledon
By Shelly Sargent

Nicole Ciccone filling her shopping cart.

Savvy Caledon shoppers know that Evolve Clothing offers a huge variety of clothing and accessories, including many brand names and high end items with all the proceeds raised from the sale of items going back into community programs.

There are great bargains to be had – but what would you do if you won a 5 minute shopping spree at the best second-hand retail shopping location in Caledon? Would you show up ready to race through the aisles gathering your loot with abandon and glee? Would you come with a game plan and execute your shopping trip with methodical precision? Or would you wing it and hope for the best?

Nicole Ciccone of Bolton just found out what she would do! Nicole purchased a raffle ticket supporting Evolve Clothing at their summer sidewalk sale in August and her name was drawn as the winner of the five-minute shopping spree at Evolve.

And so it was that at 6 pm on Monday, October 2nd, Evolve Clothing closed to the public for the occasion. Nicole was given a shopping cart and 5 full minutes to shop to her heart’s content and she put every minute to good use.

She scored some great bargains, including a sharp little top that she actually removed from a mannequin during her shopping spree!

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