Everything old is new again- the Evolving road to Vintage…

by Catherine Adair, Manager, Retail Operations, Caledon Community Services

Sale begins 9 am. on May 26th

Vintage fashion has its own allure and since opening Evolve Clothing in May 2017 the hunt has been on. As donations pour in staff and volunteer sorters never know what is going to come through the door. There is a thrill of the unexpected find when they delve into the contents of a donation and discover vintage and vintage style clothing and accessories.

These items stand out.

Beautiful pieces of clothing that provide a fascinating glimpse into the world of haute couture and days past of glamour and glitz. These items have grown into quite a collection of vintage finds and we’ve decided the time is now.
On May 26th get ready for the first ever Evolve Clothing, Vintage and Vintage Style Event.

Doors open at 9 a.m.

To all those vintage shoppers who collect and seek out vintage finds that visit our store, we’ve heard you. And, we’re planning not only this event style launch, we’re hoping to build on this inaugural Vintage Event to a full-on vintage section as part of the already exceptional Evolve shopping experience. This is a real possibility as donations of vintage clothing, jewellery, handbags and shoes continue to increase and flow in!

A vintage section was always part of the earliest planning stages for our new store and as we celebrate our first year anniversary, we know the timing is right to get started on realizing this dream.
Together with our community, we can make this specialized section happen as donations of vintage items continue to find their way to us. As donations of these rare finds grow and vintage clothes, shoes, accessories and handbags continue to flow in with increased frequency we will be able to make this a reality.

You can make your vintage items count. By donating them to Evolve Clothing you are changing lives for the better for thousands of people every day.
It’s a win/win as Evolve Clothing becomes known as a destination for vintage collectors it’ll bring with it opportunities for other businesses as well, by attracting an influx of new shoppers.

Let’s make Evolve Clothing even more of ‘the’ place for that perfect find. Ensure your treasures find a new loving home when you are ready to part with them.

See you at the Vintage launch at Evolve Clothing on May 26th. Evolve Clothing 4 Industrial Rd., Bolton, ON. Click here for more details: www.evolvecaledon.com


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