Events – FAQ

Have an event idea but need help pulling it together?

Please contact our fundraising department to discuss what you are planning to do. They will be able to offer some advice and guide you in the right direction.

Can you mail our event information out to your donors?

Unfortunately, CCS cannot mail event information out to our existing donors.

Can you find sponsors for our event?

CCS can work with you to help brainstorm about appropriate sponsors for your event but we cannot approach corporations for you.

Can you get media to come out to our event?

We can provide advice how to contact the media but you will need to contact them directly yourself.

Can you forward some money to me to cover my event expenses?

CCS cannot make up front payments to cover your event expenses.

What do I have to give back to Caledon Community Services?

We try to ensure that a minimum of three times our expenses are returned in revenue or a ratio of 3:1 (If the expense is $100.00 we expect to raise a minimum of $300.00). It is our expectation that all Community Event organizers will uphold this as a minimum standard as well when raising funds on our behalf.

Can I issue tax receipts for my event?

CCS is committed to following all rules and regulations regarding tax receipting set out by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). This is also important to protecting our charitable status. If you intend on offering tax receipts, this must be approved by a CCS representative.

Can we have your logo to put on our event material?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. The Caledon Community Services logo is a registered trademark and cannot be used without our permission.

Will CCS provide a letter of support?

With CCS approval, you may consider using our logo on your event material however it must always have the words “in support of” preceding it. You can let your event supporter know that CCS has approved the usage of their logo on your material. CCS will not provide an additional letter of support. Recipients could potentially already be supporters of CCS and this letter may mislead them in thinking that we are approaching them again and are ungrateful of their previous donation. It is essential that donors are clear when they are being approached by a community supporter that they are not acting as agents of CCS however are acting as supporters.

I would like to fundraise in my workplace. How do I get started?

Workplace fundraising is a positive, rewarding and fun way to motivate and further engage employees in an organization. Through workplace fundraising, your organization will help CCS “Help People Help Themselves”, and will provide your fellow employees with an enriching experience. Please contact for some guidance.

How are you going to recognize me for hosting an event? What is in it for me?

CCS recognizes groups hosting events in a variety of different ways including thank you letters, certificates, and recognition on our donor hall at certain levels. Many of our groups feel a great sense of satisfaction when they see their event come to life and are able to raise funds to help support their own community.

We appreciate your generous support.

Thank you


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