Employers needed in CCS Transitions program

The Caledon Citizen carried an article Sept. 22, 2016, entitled “Lack of supports forcing those with developmental disabilities into crisis,” and Caledon Community Services (CCS) stepped up to address this need that we had a growing awareness of for some time right here in our community.
Now it’s an opportunity for employers to “step up” and make a difference.
Last week, one of our managers submitted paperwork to terminate the employment of a part–time staff member. Let’s call him Michael. Termination of employment is rarely easy. And all employers cite “confidentiality” as a reason for not going on the record to talk about it. Employers and employees part ways, doo-doo happens, jobs end.
This particular termination was coming for a while. CCS wanted to part ways with Michael. We had been telling him this for a couple months. He fought tooth and nail to keep his job. But we were also pretty firm in our view: Michael’s employment with CCS needed to be terminated. So what’s his story?
Michael had a difficult time leaving CCS. And CCS had a difficult time seeing him move on. Michael was a fantastic team member. He was everything we could have asked for. Incredible customer service, dedicated, he liked to learn and improve, hardworking.
Even so, this termination was celebrated. We celebrated Michael as our employee and also as a client for an employer-subsidy program we offer called Transitions. This program is designed to help adults with disabilities find great jobs with great local employers.
Michael landed an excellent job with a great Caledon business. He starts next week. CCS is supporting the employer with a generous subsidy and on-site coaching by our Transitions staff. The employer is committed to Michael finding his place on their team. Michael is excited. He’s going to be a rock solid employee. And CCS is all in with our training subsidy and support for both employer and employee.
The Transitions program has reached its yearly target of people to serve. This target is set by the funder, the provincial government. This proves without a doubt that the need is here in Caledon.
There’s a problem though. We haven’t been able to find enough local employers, even though we have the cash to support their payroll and on-site training for their eager new employee. The deal on this funding is pretty basic: Use it or lose it. If we don’t spend the money, it’ll be reallocated to another Ontario community. And once reallocated, it won’t return to Caledon.
So here’s a shout-out to the Town of Caledon and its many worksites; to local employers large and small; and to local community organizations: We’ve got great employees for you! If you have a yearning to use your workplace as a supportive launch pad for someone’s career growth, please reach the Transitions Program Manager Maureen Tymkow at 905-951-2300.
She’s waiting for your call. She’s got some top-notch employees. And she’s only too happy to help you fill your employment positions with dedicated and loyal employees with retention rates that will knock your socks off. It makes great business sense.
Be a local workplace that steps up for Caledon residents with disabilities. Be in their corner and they’ll pay you back in spades.
Monty Laskin,
Chief Executive Officer,
Caledon Community Services


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