Customers are the heart of CCS Eco-stores

  • Catherine and Chris

By Catherine Adair and Chris Coulter

In the big picture, proceeds from Chez Thrift and The ReUstore fund programs such as counselling, food support, seniors’ housing and specialized transportation.

But drilled down to the stores’ level, what we see every day is the trickle effect of one neighbour helping another at Chez Thrift and The ReUstore.

Every day within our stores brings the constant interactions with savvy customers who enjoy seeking treasures, both new and old. Our customers represent the heart of our eco-stores. And their shopping breathes life into our larger agency’s vision to create a healthy engaged compassionate community for all.

Every day we enjoy chatting with our customers and getting to know who they are and what brings them to our two stores. We greet our regulars by name. We also notice, and miss you, when you have been away for a while.

And every day there are those who choose to donate their cherished goods to our two stores. These neighbours know that this is the other way they are able to provide their support for the valuable CCS programs within their community.

We welcome everyone who shops, new customers or the experienced treasure hunters who regularly win fantastic antiques and other valuable things in the ReUstore auction. We also ask everyone who shops at our stores to spread the word about the benefits of reuse and recycle and support Caledon services.

It’s a privilege to live in our closeknit community. There’s that cozy feel to our stores as well. Our customers are our neighbours and our community. Our customers are our heart.

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