Council tourney a booming success

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Caledon Enterprise
By Matthew Strader, Enterprise Staff

Golf TournamentThere was a bit of waiting, but a little sun, and a well-placed 7-iron will fix any frustration when you’re golfing on a weekday. The Caledon Council Community Golf Tournament hit the courses of Osprey Valley Resorts on Sept. 12 with a substantial increase in players for the ninth annual event.

“It was great,” said Ward 1 Regional Councillor Richard Paterak who took the lead organizing role for this year’s tournament. “I think everything went very smoothly considering the fact we had an overflow crowd.” The fall weather that had been creeping its way onto the scene broke for a day, and temperatures were back to the high side of the 20s, something the councillor feels led to their attendance numbers.

“We even had some logistics issues because we had more hole sponsors than previous. But we got those worked out. It was a great day of golf and socializing,” said Paterak, who felt the food and accessories were improved, and made sure to credit his colleague’s wife, Doreen Beffort, for some much needed assistance. “She’s outstanding in her efforts to make everything happen and accommodate all the golf and sponsors.” Paterak also believed the chosen recipient of this year’s tournament proceeds also had a lot to do with the increase in attendance.

Caledon Community Services will garner the cheque once all the numbers are tallied. The Ward 1 Councillor didn’t even have a ballpark guess on that. He expects numbers to up, but said the tally will come with an  accompanying media release in a few weeks.

“We have a few outstanding things left to add, but we will release all of that information when we get there,” he said. The councillor also thanked Osprey Valley Resorts, as he pointed out, the tournament wouldn’t even make money if it weren’t for the approximately $30,000 in tee times Osprey sacrifices on the day of the Caledon council tournament.

As for tenth tournament plans, he said those haven’t been made yet, and will be determined in 2012 post-mortem meetings. “We get together after the tournament and always discuss how it went, and what changes can be made,” Paterak added. “We may do something, but I can’t be sure yet.”

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