Come for the Knitting, Stay for the Fun!

Written by: Zunera Buttar, Marketing Lead

Knit and purl, it’s fun and anyone can learn how. The Knotty Knitters is a group of ladies who meet on Thursdays, upstairs at Evolve Clothing to knit, crochet and socialize. This small but mighty group is about more than just knitting, it’s a support system where they can express themselves, in words and through art.

“Here we laugh and we cry,” says Danuta, one of the group’s co-leaders. “When I wasn’t well, they would call me and I really appreciated that. It’s nice to know someone cares.”

Knotty Knitters is organized for and run by senior volunteers as part of Caledon Community Services’ Seniors Helping Seniors program, which encourages adults 55+ to lead activities for other seniors to enjoy and provides financial support for supplies to supplement the supplies that are donated for the activity.

On top of the social aspect of the group, there can be health benefits associated with knitting. Participants may enter a relaxing state of mind, similar to meditation, which helps reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure. Also, movements associated with knitting may improve dexterity in the hands and build cartilage in the fingers to help prevent arthritis. Couple all these benefits with a sense of accomplishment and social interaction, and it is a winning recipe for staying physically and mentally active, a vital component to senior’s health and wellness.

This group doesn’t just benefit its participants. Many of the items they make, such as blankets, socks, mitts, preemie and cancer hats, dolls and shawls are donated to places like Sick Kids Hospital, Bethell Hospice and King Nursing Home.

“When the group started, everything we made was donated,” explains Silvija, co-leader. “We are giving back to the community in one way or the other.”

Now this group would like to ask a favour of our wonderful community: if you have any yarn at home, in your garage or in storage that you don’t need, the Knotty Knitters would greatly appreciate your donation so they can continue to do what they love and keep paying it forward with their beautiful creations. The Knotty Knitters also want to let you know that new group participants are always welcome.

To donate or to learn more about all the activities offered through Seniors Helping Seniors, please contact Silvana Ferrari, Coordinator, Seniors Health and Wellness at or call 905-584-2300 ext. 273.


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