CCS responds to all community needs

  • CCS responds to all community needs

Caledon Enterprise
Dear Editor:

Caledon Community Services’ vision statement was developed a number of years ago. We hope it helps our community understand who we are and what we strive to achieve in our work. Our vision, “Healthy, Engaged, Compassionate Community for All” is inclusive by design.

We want everyone under our tent because we believe there’s room for everyone. We also know, through experience, that too many cooks never spoils the broth in community work; the more people we engage, the more value we offer to our community. Recent articles about homosexuality in the newspaper have generated a fair bit of back and forth dialogue, some far too dogmatic such that key messages of compassion get lost.

Read Coming out in Caledon CCS also has a mission statement: “Helping people help themselves by working creatively and responding to community needs”. We respond to the needs in this community by providing support to those seeking help. Our counsellors can connect youth who are struggling with a range of issues. Caledon Community Services provides a warm, welcoming and safe environment where people of any age can find the care and understanding they need.

Please contact us at (905) 584-2300. Lori Pirroncello and Layla Panjeta, Crisis & Counselling Caseworkers

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