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Here’s a food support program that’s more than a food bank. You can invest in learning a new job, finding out how to eat better, the whole family can discover how to cook better, explore farming, maybe take part in a money-making business.

Caledon Community Services (CCS) is the food financier. It is Caledon’s largest health, employment, resettlement, small business development and social service agency, and its food bank plan is part of a homelessness and food strategy.

“For years, CCS has offered a small food hamper program out of a closet within our Bolton home office. No longer” says Michelle Stubbs, Director of Community Resources. “Funding received from die Graham Family Foundation, the United Way of Peel Region and the Region of Peel has helped us.”

A 3,600 square-foot building is planned and the hunt is on for Investments and volunteers to help with furnishings and equipment and day-to-day operations.

“This is the right time, after years of planning, to launch this exciting innovation for our community”, noted Monty Laskin, CCS Executive Director.

In charge of the project tided Recipe for Resiiency is Kim D’Eri, manager of Poverty Reduction Partnerships for CCS. Her job is to set up the food program and find affordable housing.

Homelessness is a surprise to people in Caledon and outside.

The Town of Caledon has beautiful homes, horse farms, rolling hills and network of walking paths, all the appearances of wealth and prosperity. A closer look reveals many families living in difficult situations where poverty is quite apparent.

Caledon has 150-200 families that rely on crisis and support services every month, and up to six new individuals or families a month seek help because they are homeless or precariously housed.

But they usually can’t stay in Caledon, which has litde affordable or transitional housing. Families who are struggling may have to relocate in either Orangeville or Brampton, where there are more resources.

Who are Caledon’s homeless/precariously housed and where do they come from? The reality is diat for the most parr, they are people w’ho once had secure housing and have resided in Caledon for most of their lives. Each has their own story to tell; job loss, critical illness, family breakdown, etc. But all with the same outcome of now living in poverty.

CCS is recruiting Caledon families and individuals who have space in their home, a suite in their basement, or a spare house and are willing to rent it out below market. In exchange, CCS will provide support for the tenancy agreement and give the tenant a range of programs to sustain their independence and move them towards self-sufficiency. Caledon residents who can help contact Kim D’Eri at (90S) 584-2300, ext. 202 or

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