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Dear Editor:
Re: Food Box Challenge in Caledon

No topic has ever received the flood of responses that Caledon Community Services is now receiving to the recent expose on hunger in Caledon. Not even close.

This matter has generated extraordinary attention in our community over the past few weeks and more recently during the Food Box Challenge. Phone calls, e-mails galore, offers of help, requests to get involved. And there’s no let-up. We’re so grateful. Not because we have this very serious problem in Caledon that has children going to school without a nutritious breakfast and seniors passing on lunch so they can have a decent dinner.

We’re grateful because thousands of you have followed the 10 Food Box Challenge participants and been moved by their candid blogs to get involved. Our 10 participants shared their experiences on and some within their own blog. We read of their moments of extreme humility and we followed their difficulty in being hungry, having a constant headache and always feeling a bit tired.

They were incredible messengers, our thanks to each one of them. In Caledon, CCS’ food support program provides assistance to 846 clients. These are families, individuals and children living in our community. Our program provides a family of four with a $70 food gift card once each month and one food hamper per family member. That will all change when a new community hub opens its doors on Healey Road in the months ahead.

What’s on the menu? No pun intended but the menu is looking great. Lots of food in and out including greens, fruits, dairy, etc; a well-equipped kitchen where food preparation classes will be held; seniors jarring preserves and teaching the tricks of the trade to teens; youth training within a social enterprise; nutrition education and shopping finesse; growing plots for community vegetable gardens; and so much more.

Plans are being drawn up, builders and trades stepping in with huge support, businesses taking an investment position, families reaching out with support, and individuals volunteering their time on various project work groups.

Then there are faith communities and schools coming on board to keep our shelves well-stocked, farmers extending their bounty to us and so many others with shared interests wanting to play a role in opening this new centre of activity. Please continue to reach out with your ideas, we want to hear from you (Visit or call us at (905) 584-2300. And please stay tuned because we have big things in store that are becoming possible through this great community’s support.

Thanks to you, Caledon, for your big minds and big hearts. Kim D’Eri, CCS Manager Poverty Reduction Michelle Stubbs, Director, Community Resources Monty Laskin, CCS Executive Director

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