Caledon Community Services continues to care for local residents amid COVID-19 crisis


Workers at Caledon Community Services (CCS) aren’t letting the COVID-19 crisis faze their dedication to supporting local residents as best they can. If anything, they’ve taken safe precautions to ensure they are able to provide services that residents need, but by protecting themselves and those around them.

“It has been a difficult few weeks. We have adapted. We’ve been agile in a way like never before for the safety of staff and clients. We’ve been transitioning about 60 staff to ‘work from home’ models,” said Director of Communications, Donna Cragg.

CCS has adapted to the needs of residents during this difficult time and are doing their best to protect themselves, and those surrounding them. They’ve taken specific steps in order to prepare for and deal with the pandemic.

These include keeping the Exchange food support facility operating through a series of safety measures, asking their volunteers to remain home to prevent the risk of the virus spreading. All individual and group services have been suspended for the time being and Evolve Clothing and Evolve Lifestyle have been temporarily closed.

“We’ve shifted all of our essential services so that food continues to be provided to a growing number of people who rely on the Exchange to eat a healthy diet. We’ve shifted to still provide personal care to seniors in their homes, and we’ve shifted to be able to maintain transportation to important medical appointments and other life necessities,” explained Cragg. “Our organization has been very agile. We’re working hard and doing what do we do best. Supporting our community’s most at-risk neighbours.”

Their direct service divisions and business operations include health services, employment and training, and community resources. As those at CCS continue to work hard for the community, there is always something our community can do to give back.

“The need for food and resource support in our community during this pandemic is on the rise. We will be assisting more individuals and families as lay-offs and job uncertainty increases. CCS would like to thank everyone who has already thought outside their own circumstances and stepped in to make a donation. Your gifts allow us to continue to serve those who need help most. You continue to overwhelm us with your generosity,” said Cragg. “If you are able and would also like to help, but aren’t sure how, please know that any size monetary gift is greatly appreciated and can be donated simply and securely online at We encourage those of you who can help locally to do so – even the smallest of gestures are needed now to sustain programs and services.

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