Buses, spotted around Caledon! What’s that about?

by Monty Laskin, CEO, Caledon Community Services

I’m reminded over and over again how engaged a community Caledon is…Caledon cares are not empty words by any means.  Take three local businesses, Topac Express (Verne Caplin), Casamici’s Trattoria (Dino Sciulli) and Fines Ford Lincoln (Bob Fines) to name just three, an impressive group.

If you’re wondering what led me to call these three out by name… it’s a thoughtful reimagined event that supports transportation in Caledon that they will be hosting on Thursday, September 13, 2018 at Casamici’s in Bolton.  Night on the Town has been a fundraiser for Caledon Community Services transportation for the past 4 years.  Why do Verne, Dino and Bob do it? Because they care!

What has always been a lovely evening out, great food, excellent company, a good time, this year is serving another purpose.  In the run up to the 2018 Municipal Election they see this as a once in four year opportunity to call attention to this incredibly important service, grow the awareness of Caledon Community Service as the sole provider of specialized transportation currently, shine a spotlight on untapped potential and provide an improved level of knowledge on the ‘current state of transportation,’ to every candidate standing for election vying to represent Caledon residents, and, of course, raise much needed funding.

As they see it, it’s a litmus paper test.  Individuals that know Caledon well know the importance of this file, and those genuine in their bid to ‘serve residents’ – Verne, Dino and Bob believe will view this as a must attend educational opportunity as it’s intended.

Hear from the people who oversee a large fleet of accessible buses, professional / volunteer drivers and an infrastructure capable of providing 40,000 rides annually.  Meet some of the people who rely on the service for lifesaving medical treatment and to maintain their independence in Caledon. Hear the real stories that attest to the need.

This private event draws sponsorship from the broader transportation sector located in and serving Caledon. Whether your business is directly or indirectly related to transportation, this is an important topic for your businesses, your employees and the community you have chosen to put down roots.

Become a sponsor – you’ll enjoy the Casamici Experience-a delectable meal, impeccable service, listen and learn about this vital program, mix and mingle with local candidates, nine of whom will be representing all of us after October 22, 2018 and exploit the opportunity as a business leader to network with other leaders and community builders to strengthen your business.

Calling all transportation sector business. Seating is very limited.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.  For levels of sponsorship and other details contact Kelly Stronach today, kstronach@ccs4u.org or 905-584-2300 ext. 227.   See you on September 13th!

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