Bolton couple found love in consignment stores

Bolton couple found love in consignment stores. Now they’ve opened one of their own.

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By Danielle Marr

Lifelong cKim Campbell and Enzo Sferrino

Lifelong consignment-store lovers Kim Campbell and Enzo Sferrino have opened Had2Hav in Bolton.

Kim Campbell and Enzo Sferrino get a thrill from unearthing hidden treasures in unlikely places.

The couple, who have opened a new consignment store in Bolton, have been buying and selling gently used items for most of their lives. But they had never met until crossing paths at a ReUstore auction a little under a year ago.

While Sferrino was looking to get his hands on an antique birdcage that was up for grabs, Campbell was just waiting for something to catch her attention.

In the end, it was Sferrino that did. The pair got chatting about their trade and then shortly after they found themselves sitting across from each other for breakfast at Kathy’s Diner in Bolton.

She was looking for something to catch her eye. In the end, he did. - anonymous

“Now we do it every Sunday,” said Campbell. After becoming partners in life, the couple have decided to become partners in business as well.

Aptly, the space that they have acquired to spread their love of collectibles shares a parking lot with the popular breakfast spot.

After a lifetime of observing what gets bought and what gets left behind, the couple has taken a leap of faith and turned their love of buying and selling into a full-blown brick-and-mortar business.

Had2Hav is a recently opened consignment store in Bolton selling hand-picked furniture, jewellery, collectables and a few other surprises. The owners pride themselves with two skilled sets of eyes when it comes to picking, and the gift of gab when it comes to turning stuff over into the hands of a new owner.

“When someone tells me a story about something we are consigning or buying, we turn around and tell the same story to the next person interested,” said Sferrino. “It’s not just the items that sell, it’s the stories behind them.”

Campbell’s specialty is furniture, rugs, décor and all things lighting. Sferrino sticks to jewellery and kitschy collectables.
While they had been doing most of their buying and selling online up until now, they are excited to have a store that they are able to call home and have the opportunity to meet their customers face to face.

For those customers that are on the hunt for one particular item, Sferrino and Campbell have started a guest book where people can write down their wish along with their contact info.

“We can’t guarantee that we will find it for them but we want to be able to fit people with their needs and what they actually want so if we see it while we’re out looking, we’ll pick it up,” said Campbell. â”We aren’t looking to make millions but we love this stuff so we are excited to make it a full time venture.”

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