Be Inspired to Give

by Chrissy Jarvie, Communications Lead

Open your fridge. Take a good look. Chances are, it’s well stocked with nutritious food. Now imagine if it was empty. It’s a reality many face right here in Caledon.

Last year, 3,221 families and individuals visited Caledon Community Service’ Food Support program at the Exchange to help put food on their tables.

At CCS we believe everyone should have access to healthy, fresh foods and no one should go hungry. We also know our caring Caledon community is always ready to step up to feed our hungry neighbours, inspiring others to do the same.

Two recent stories show just how special Caledon residents are and how together, we can make a difference;

One of our many regular volunteers used her $25 Loblaw card to purchase ingredients to make 11 healthy meals for our pantry instead of for herself.

A senior who wanted to share her cooking talents was paired with a teen group interested in learning to cook. The teens brought in 80 pounds of children’s snacks and fresh produce for the pantry, and together with their senior mentor,

were able to cook 18 meals for families to enjoy.

These are just two of the many examples of the incredible generosity that the Exchange, your community hub,  supports but we still need your help.

As we head into the season of sun, there are noticeable gaps in our pantry shelves. We are in need of a variety of items including children’s snacks, almond milk, cereal, fresh vegetables, peanut butter, pasta sauce, baby food and juice.

Summer is a challenging time for us, with many people enjoying well-deserved vacations and making the most of all summer has to offer, food drives and donating become less of a priority.

If you’ve been inspired to give, we ask that you consider hosting a food drive to help fill empty tummies and restock our shelves.

You can also plant extra produce in your garden or contact Kim D’Eri at 905-584-2300 ext. 202 or to find out how you can help.

Donations are accepted and appreciated at the Exchange, 55 Healey Road, Bolton, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

We hope you’ll keep your hungry neighbours in mind this summer, and maybe the next story that inspires others to give will be yours.

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