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FionaWhat does shopping at a thrift store say about you? You’re an ecowarrior? Eclectic collector? Bargain hunter? Community champion?

The eco-warrior fixes the planet, one t-shirt at a time. She recycles, but knows the best way to keep things out of landfill is to reuse them. She visits thrift stores to keep usable goods out of the landfill and gives them a new purpose.

Eco-Warrior Tip: Keep a running list of the things you need. Thrift stores are perfect places for kitchenware, office supplies, sports equipment, books and electronics. However, don’t show up at a thrift store in full battle regalia. It’s loud and frightens small dogs.

The bargain hunter looks for fun, easy and cheap. We need that in expensive times. Prices keep going up but the bargain hunter knows where to find deals! He sifts through treasures to find the perfect reusable or even resalable item!

Bargain Hunter Tip: Thrift stores run different kinds of specials and discounts of 50 percent or more. ChezThrift and The Rellstore post their weekly specials at www.ccs4u.org sales-calendar.aspx. Don’t be afraid to ask what’s on sale when you come in!
Just don’t shout, “I demand to be taken to your sales!” That’s not cool.

The treasure hunter is an artist, designer, hobbyist. Many thrifters visit stores for inspiration that helps them create treasures from everyday items;
others seek overlooked antiques and collectibles. The thrill of the find is what drives the treasure hunter.

Treasure Hunter Tip: Be creative. The treasure hunter sees the fun in using items for purposes other than what they were originally intended. Ceramic dishes become a mosaic, picture frames becomes a chalk board, suitcases transforms into coffee tables. However, when you find that sought after treasure, don’t bury it in your backyard. We’re not pirates, people!

The community champion raises funds to provide job training, employment services, food support, crisis counselling and much more. Not only are thrift store funds changing lives but the people who work in them are often completing vocational training to enter the job market.

When you make even one purchase at a thrift store, you can help change lives.

Community Champion Tip: Don’t forget to drop off any items you don’t need any more and let someone else enjoy them as much as you did. Give

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