A LIFE changing experience

by Stella Jordan-Sharp, LIFE for Youth Participant

I came into the LIFE for Youth program at a point in my life where I had become very lost.

I had completed film school and had recently finished working on a television show, but I didn’t feel fulfilled or satisfied as I thought I would. I felt as though what I was doing did not align with my goals, nor was I passionate about the industry. I was unemployed, had no direction and felt incredibly lost, confused and embarrassed at the state of my life.

I had been working towards film for the majority of my secondary and post-secondary career and realizing it wasn’t what I wanted was hard to accept. Starting this program gave me peace of mind knowing there were people here to help me achieve my goals and to assist me during the transition.

Mary (Manager, Youth Programs) and Joanne (Field Supervisor) are two of the kindest and most supportive people you will ever meet. They are the greatest teachers and without them, I wouldn’t have had the confidence and drive I do now. They provided support and made me feel welcome during the entire five months, as though I had two cheerleaders by my side. Throughout this journey, I have developed confidence in knowing that I can accomplish anything life throws my way.

Everyone in this program comes from different backgrounds and walks of life. Some have never had a job before, some have had trouble keeping a job and others, like me, have had many jobs but can never seem to find something they truly enjoyed.

This program teaches workplace etiquette, allows you to explore different career options and to learn more about yourself. We were given multiple educational workshops that not only allowed us to work on our goals and ambitions, but gave us a chance to work on our resume and interview skills.

So to all the potential participants of Life for Youth: enjoy every moment of this program! It is an absolutely amazing experience and you won’t regret joining. I can never say enough about the incredible work Mary and Joanne do every day, they truly change lives.

I have found my passion in life and it’s all thanks to Life for Youth. I have nothing but endless gratitude for Mary, Joanne and the rest of the CCS team.

Take charge of your life! Join this five-month program and receive a paycheck while gaining the skills and experience to land the job of your dreams. The workplace can be tough yet Life for Youth participants enjoy success again and again. Call Mary at 905-584-2300 ext. 232 to learn more and get started.

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