5 Tips to Engage your Multi-Generational Workforce


Nowadays workplaces are more generationally diverse than at any time in history. While there is some debate on the exact dates, commonly accepted birthdate ranges are:
• Traditionalists – Pre- 1945
• Baby Boomers – Between 1946 and 1964
• Generation X – Between 1965 and 1980
• Generation Y or Millennials – Between 1981 and 2000
• Generation Z – Post – 2001

Some employers view this diversity as a problem and see generation gaps as difficult to bridge. They sacrifice the opportunity to create a vibrant, productive workplace that can improve their bottom line. Perceptive employers, on the other hand, recognize the differences & leverage the in-house talent of all ages to capitalize on this diversity. Here are five ways to strengthen intergenerational workplaces:

1. Establish Respect. Everyone craves respect. We are all just people. Forget about the age differences and extend some human courtesy.
2. Avoid Stereotyping. Focus on similarities and understand the differences. Judge on merits, rather than perceived “typical” behaviours.
3. Be Flexible. Lived experience impacts the wants, needs, and values of each generation. Avoid conflict through understanding and accommodating needs and preferences (whenever practical).
4. Adopt Cross-Generational Mentoring provide an opportunity for your workforce to learn from each other and benefit from the diverse experiences at the table. Remember this works both ways!
5. Adapt your Communication Style to suit the recipient. Doggedly sticking to `your way’, can end up alienating coworkers.

Each generation brings valuable and diverse skills, mindsets, and perspectives into the workplace. When multi-generations fail to communicate and work together efficiently, it can hurt your organization’s bottom line.

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